Study Confirms Radio is Still the Most Popular Way to Find New Music

Rob Slater on March 28, 2014

Although the trend may be leaning towards online streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Beats Music and whatever other service you may utilize, a study from the Edison Research and Triton Digital reveals that radio is still where people go to discover new music.

Mashable discovered this, quite frankly, surprising study. Edison Research concluded that 35% of Americans aged 12+ use the radio to stay up-to-date with music. 21% of people rely on word of mouth to hear about new acts, while just 10% use YouTube. Take a look at the chart below and save it in your memory bank until we run the updated numbers in ten years.

Not only is radio the most sought after medium for discovering new music, but online radio is also at an all-time high for listeners in the last month. That sound you heard was the champagne bottles popping off in the Sirius XM offices.