_Relix_ Premieres Beats Antique’s “Beelzebub” Featuring Les Claypool

September 20, 2013

Fresh off a huge tour announcement, Beats Antique has released “Beelzebub” from their forthcoming album A Thousand Faces due out October 15. The track features Primus bassist Les Claypool and is available to stream below.

In an interview with Jambands.com, Claypool talks about working with Beats Antique. “They sent me the track and I took it into the back of the bus and actually played my part into a computer as we were driving down the road in the back of the bus. They asked me if I would do a lyric for it, something that had to do with some form of ‘satanic element.’ So I spewed some beelzebub into a microphone and sent it back to them.”

Beats Antique’s David Satori on Claypool’s style and influence: “I feel like he plays the bass like he’s the devil incarnate. He’s Lucifer on the bass and looks like him a little bit. He’s one of the most inspirational artists we grew up listening to. This is a concept album and we’ve been collaborating with Les for years after we went on tour with him in 2010. This was a perfect opportunity to invite him to be part of this concept album and play the devil in our hero’s journey.”