Mavis Staples Joins MonoNeon on “Full Circle,” Celebrating the Legend’s Birthday

July 10, 2024
Mavis Staples Joins MonoNeon on “Full Circle,” Celebrating the Legend’s Birthday

Mavis Staples, the iconic R&B vocalist and civil rights activist, celebrates her 85th birthday today. Over seven decades after the outset of her recording career with her immensely influential family act the Staple Singers, Staples endures as a figurehead of soul music, continuing to offer widely acclaimed solo releases and collaborations with such names as Jon Batiste, Ry Cooder, Hozier and more, all marked by her incomparable vocal talents. Today, to celebrate the occasion, MonoNeon has released a new collaboration with the living legend titled “Full Circle.”

“Full Circle,” the fourth single off Grammy-winning bassist and unrelenting iconoclast MonoNeon’s forthcoming solo record Quilted Stereo, artfully reflects the intricacies from Staples’ towering legacy. From the first moments of the track, which jumps to life with a plucky guitar riff and chanted doo-doo-doos, a powerful gospel emphasis is palpable, blending seamlessly into MonoNeon’s trademark technicolor, jitterbug funk. After an impressive vocal display from the artist, Staples assumes the spotlight for the second verse with ease, delivering her lines with a  soaring and dynamic spiritual-fusion inflection that recalls the many eras of R&B and its offshoots that she pioneered. Wisened in this time, the legend intones, “If you do good, it’ll get good – that’s the cheat code for life.” 

“Mane I got George Clinton and Mavis Staples on this album… like forreal living out my childhood dreams on this one,” MonoNeon offers on the new track. “We went to Chicago to meet and record Mavis Staples’ vocals,” explains MonoNeon. “When Mavis walked in the studio I could not stop smiling mane… she hugged me and held my hand! You know my dad (Dywane Thomas) played bass with Mavis and Pops Staples back in the 90’s… so for me to actually be singing a duet, playing guitar and bass on the song ‘Full Circle’ with Mavis is crazy and I love it!!” 

MonoNeon’s Quilted Stereo is due to release on July 26th via Court Square Recordings, and is available to pre-order and pre-save now. For more information on the project and the artist, visit