Louis Armstrong’s Previously Unreleased 1968 BBC Live Show to Receive LP Treatment

May 22, 2024
Louis Armstrong’s Previously Unreleased 1968 BBC Live Show to Receive LP Treatment

Photos ©BBC Photo Archive

On July 12, Verve Records will deliver Louis in London, the last great performance by one of the most influential figures in jazz music, Louis Armstrong. The recording captures the musician and his band’s live performance at the BBC on July 2, 1968, recording weeks after the Grammy Award winner artist reached the No. 1 spot on the UK charts with “What A Wonderful World.” A 13-track collection, the set has been previewed today with a video from the aforementioned late-‘60s concert, “Hello Dolly!” 

Initially debuted on September 22, 1968, as BBC TV’s Show Of The Week – Louis Armstrong, the valiant session was revered by the artist himself, who fixed a note to a copy of the London recording on the outside of the tape box that read, “For The Fans.” According to the LP press release, Armstrong was no stranger to playing the show for visitors and passing it along to friends, alluding to his own understanding of its power. 

“Knowing how badly he wanted his friends and fans to hear this music while he was still alive,” writes Ricky Riccardi in the album’s exclusive liner notes, “it’s a great source of pride to know that it will now be enjoyed by new generations, including many fans who weren’t even alive at the time Armstrong passed, but who are still inspired by his music and his joy.

“Armstrong once claimed he was here ‘in the cause of happiness.’ All these decades later, albums like LOUIS IN LONDON continue his life’s mission at a time when we still need to be reminded that maybe it still is a wonderful world and maybe we’ll never walk alone after all.”

Louis in London has been captured in high-fidelity audio and video and showcases the frontman performing a wide range of material synonymous with his storied career. From the first composition he played for the public, W.C. Handy’s “Ole Miss,” to the massive success “What A Wonderful World,” and global favorites  “Mack The Knife” and “Hello, Dolly!” The impending set captures many beloved movements from one of jazz music’s greatest talents.

Pre-order Louis in London. Watch “Hello, Dolly!” below.


When It’s Sleepy Time Down South

(Back Home Again) In Indiana

A Kiss To Build a Dream On

Hello, Dolly!


You’ll Never Walk Alone

Ole Miss

Blueberry Hill

Mack The Knife

Rockin’ Chair

The Bare Necessities

What a Wonderful World

When The Saints Go Marching In

Louis Armstrong: trumpet, vocals

The All Stars:

Tyree Glenn: trombone | Joe Muranyi: clarinet

Marty Napoleon: piano | Buddy Catlett: bass

Danny Barcelona: drums