Lou Reed: “I thought the Beatles were garbage”

Rob Slater on February 18, 2015

In a previously unreleased interview with the late Lou Reed, The Velvet Undergound leader dishes on a few topics, particularly his distaste for The Beatles. “I never liked the Beatles,” he said. “I thought they were garbage.”

The interview, which was done in 1987 and was recently uncovered by PBS and subsequently animated for their Blank on Blank series, also features Reed talking about Velvet Underground’s place in the rock world compared to, namely, The Doors. “From my point of view the other stuff couldn’t come up to our ankles, not up to my kneecap, not up to my ankles, the level we were on, compared to everyone else. I mean they were just painfully stupid and pretentious, and when they did try to get, in quotes, ‘arty,’ it was worse than stupid rock & roll. What I mean by ‘stupid,’ I mean, like, The Doors.”

Listen to the full clip below.