John Mayer Teases Potential Sit-Ins at LOCKN’

August 21, 2018
John Mayer Teases Potential Sit-Ins at LOCKN’

As the LOCKN’ Festival looms on the horizon, Dead & Company’s John Mayer called into Sirius XM’s Tales From the Golden Road on Sunday to discuss the band’s summer tour and upcoming appearance at the Arrington, Va. jam festival.

According to the guitarist, it will be a busy weekend. “I am looking forward to LOCKN’. Theres a lot of bands that I want to go see,” he tells the program. “My guitar will not be in it’s case very much, while that festival is going on.”

Mayer goes on to joke that he would be “a dick” to spend the weekend relaxing in a hotel room. “I don’t even know that I’ll have a guitar case with me while I’m there,” he explains. “I want to go play as much as I can.”

Mayer also expressed excitement about Dead & Co.‘s recent musical advancements, saying, “We clocked some new high scores on songs that may not have been first string songs.”

The LOCKN’ Festival is scheduled for Aug. 23-26. For more information about the event click here.