Heavy MakeUp Outline Sophomore LP ‘Here It Comes,’ Talk Jam Approach and Jerry Garcia Connection

May 15, 2024
Heavy MakeUp Outline Sophomore LP ‘Here It Comes,’ Talk Jam Approach and Jerry Garcia Connection

Photo Credit: Charlie Weinmann

Heavy MakeUp, the trio featuring Edie Brickell, CJ Camerieri and Trever Hagen, have announced the release of their second full-length set, Here It Comes, due on June 28 via Sony Music. The second entry of their collaborative effort, the album was born out of more than 100 tracks, parsed down 11, which were considered the best of the batch. Previewing the impending deliverable is the ensemble’s title track and official music video, which invite viewers into the next chapter of their joint journey. 

“This project combines all these different skills that we’ve worked on for years,” Camerieri comments, “as jazz musicians, as sidemen, as songwriters, as producers. It’s the ultimate musician’s job.” Carrying on the conversation, Brickell insists, “But it’s much more than that. CJ and Trever are very inspiring. It’s the energy in the room. It’s the people. It’s the freedom and the enthusiasm. These beautiful spirits inspire a song every time.”

Notably, the group’s self-titled introduction debuted live during the esteemed Newport Folk Festival last summer, representing the first physical capture of a long-desired dream of making this group a reality. The story goes that the band’s seeds were planted in 1993 when Brickell had the fortune of working with Jerry Garica and Rob Wasserman.

Brickell reflects, “When we finished our goal of making a song for Rob’s Trios record, which came out of an improv at Jerry’s house the night before, we just jammed and made up songs,” she adds. “And then Jerry had an idea for an all-improv band where every night it’s something different. But it never came to pass, for obvious reasons.”

“A track like ‘Let Them Lie,’ it’s not a jam,” Camerieri explains. “This is a beautifully constructed metaphorical story with concrete sections. I think jazz can get the closest to what we’re doing.”  Brickell adds, “CJ and Trever create a beautiful horizon, and you can walk in any direction, and they’ll create a wonderland as you go.”

Sample Here It Comes, stream the title track, or watch the official music video below.