Craig Marshall, Founding Member of Cubensis Passes Away

June 16, 2022
Craig Marshall, Founding Member of Cubensis Passes Away

Photo by Henry Hunegrland

Craig Marshall, the founding member of the legendary Grateful Dead tribute band, Cubensis, has passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. 

A father, brother, and bandmate, Marshall staked his claim as a founding member of the highly regarded Southern California tribute act beginning in 1987 after ongoing and shared dissatisfaction with the lack of Grateful Dead shows in the Los Angeles area.

A virtuoso guitarist, Marshall was deemed instrumental in fostering the Grateful Dead’s lasting mass popularity in the Los Angeles area by creating a band of his own and performing the beloved cover tunes at venues both near and far.  

According to Cubensis’ official website, Marshall attended his first Grateful Dead concert on Nov. 11, 1967, at the Shrine Exposition in his native Los Angeles. After his initial Grateful Dead experience, Marshall extensively studied the San Francisco jamband’s substantial catalog–slowing down their records to half speed to observe Jerry Garcia’s distinctive style. 

A self-taught musician, Marshall’s 35 years of experience accumulated into a love of live music that was powerfully expressed whenever he took the stage. According to Marshall’s Go Fund Me, he was initially diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, which spread to various places throughout his body, including leg bones, hip bones, spine and ribs. 

Just weeks ago, Marshall posted a health update on his official Facebook page, reporting he had started undergoing radiation before beginning chemotherapy to treat his disease. Sadly the treatment was unable to save him.

Today, Marshall is remembered for his part in forming Los Angeles’ live music scene, spreading the Grateful Dead’s music to listeners in the region and for his individual musical talent.

Watch Marshall and Cubensis’ 2010 performance of the Grateful Dead’s “Brokedown Palace” below.

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