AC Entertainment Announces New Railbird Festival in Kentucky

February 21, 2019
AC Entertainment Announces New Railbird Festival in Kentucky


AC Entertainment, the festival production company associated with Bonnaroo, Forecastle, High Water, Moon River and more, has announced a brand-new offering, Railbird Festival, a Kentucky gathering that will make its debut this August at The Grounds at Keeneland in Lexington.

Railbird, which takes its name both from the horse-racing term as well as the concept of “riding the rail” at the front of a crowd at a concert, promises to incorporate the Kentucky culture of horses, bourbon and more into the new festival, which will feature artists from the worlds of rock, folk, Americana and bluegrass.

“With all of our festivals, we aspire to create an experience that stands apart from others—that is a true celebration of place, of the richness and uniqueness of a community,” says AC Entertainment President Ashley Capps. “That, for us, is at the heart of any truly great festival experience. What a place this is, and what a team to collaborate with. This iconic setting at Keeneland in a city like Lexington, Kentucky, and these visionary leaders who make it all work, from bourbon to horses to bluegrass and everything in between. We couldn’t be more excited for this new venture.”

More information Railbird can be found at the festival’s website.


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