Video Premiere: Roots of Creation Feat. Dan Kelly “Casey Jones”

July 2, 2020
Video Premiere: Roots of Creation Feat. Dan Kelly “Casey Jones”

Roots of Creation, led by singer/guitarist/producer Brett Wilson, are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Workingman’s Dead with a new music video for “Casey Jones.” The song was featured on Roots of Creation’s album Grateful Dub: A Reggae-Infused Tribute To The Grateful Dead. The original “Casey Jones,” along with the rest of Workingman’s Dead, was released 50 years ago this month in June of 1970. Today, Relix is premiering Roots of Creation’s video for the classic tune.

“One of my favorite things about Grateful Dub is hearing Reggae fans who thought they weren’t into the Dead really appreciate the songwriting in all it’s glory and get on the bus,” Brett Wilson told Relix. “‘Casey Jones’ contains the twists, turns, rock ‘n roll and improv elements I love.”

For their version of the song, the band was joined by guest vocalist Dan Kelly of California-based Reggae band Fortunate Youth. The video was filmed by Jeff Pliskin, a New York street-based creative photography and video collaborator.

“I had a really great time filming for this video with Brett and Jeff in NYC,” said Roots of Creation keyboardist Tal Pearson. We were on the Williamsburg Bridge, a direct connection over the East River between the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This has always been one of my favorite structures in NYC, for it’s bright and unique colors, it’s panoramic views of the city and other iconic bridges, it’s cars zooming past and subway trains rumbling through the lower level, and all of the artwork to be found scattered around it’s pathways and support structures.”

Watch the new video for “Casey Jones” below!

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