Video Premiere: Jocelyn & Chris “Run Away”

April 7, 2022
Video Premiere: Jocelyn & Chris “Run Away”

Brother and sister duo Jocelyn & Chris have always worked side-by-side and worked hard. They grew up in Fort Plain, a small rural town in upstate New York where–while still in elementary school–they picked up a piano and guitar respectively.

They continued to grow together: In high school when Jocelyn became a ski instructor and Chris became a snowboard instructor. They both moved to Boston for college – Jocelyn placed her tassel to the left in 2017, and Chris in 2018, and all along they continued to make, record and release music. We’ve previously toted “Jocelyn’s galvanic vocals and Chris’ crackling work on guitar.”

During the insipid and uncertain times of the pandemic, they continued to find energy from their shared love of music and undaunting confidence in one another. The result is their eighth studio album Favorite Ghosts set to release on May 27 via Bridge Road Entertainment.

Today the brother-sister team share “Run Away,” the dynamic second single off the project (which can now be pre-saved on Spotify for a chance to win a guitar). The track was written by the two and produced by David Bourgeois and seven-time Grammy winner Joel Moss.

“‘Run Away’ is a story about desperately, passionately holding onto hope. Sometimes it can feel impossible to keep hoping – I think that’s a feeling we’ve all experienced, especially recently. I know that there have been many times where I’ve felt that everything around me was suddenly too much, too heavy,” The duo tells Relix of the song. “‘Run Away’ is about feeling that way and choosing to hope anyway, in spite of everything. Or maybe because of everything. It’s a reminder for us, and I hope it can be a reminder for others as well.”