Watch: Geddy Lee Praises Les Claypool’s Bass Playing Style

Rob Slater on September 17, 2015

With Rush off the road for the time being (don’t tell me you bought that “final tour” stuff), Geddy Lee has plenty of time to film some videos explaining his bass-playing technique. In this one for Fender, Lee discusses watching Les Claypool play while touring with Primus in the early 2000s. Lee says he views his playing as “very white Canadian man” but really took to Claypool’s unique style of playing and rhythm. Read the full quote below. 

“In the early 2000s, we were touring a lot with Primus, and I have huge respect for Les Claypool as a bass player, and as a fisherman, and as a wine maker. He’s a super cool guy. I really got off on watching how he approached the instrument. He used to say to me, ‘You’re a big influence on me,’ but I didn’t really hear that in his playing, because he’s got his own style, and it’s very rhythmic. I like that, and I always found it foreign to the way I play. I found my playing very white Canadian man. [Laughs] He has a sense of rhythm that I found very appealing.”

Watch the full video below.