Watch Elephant Revival Cover Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar” at Red Rocks

April 4, 2018

Photo by Athena Delene

On May 20, Elephant Revival will perform its final show for the indeterminate future at Red Rocks. In an interview over on the group’s Bonnie Paine reflects, “I love the music and community Elephant Revival has created, and I will miss that for the indefinite amount of time that we are apart. There are immense feelings of gratitude and sweetness for all that we have experienced together and for the opportunity to share music in such an enchanted and embracing place as Red Rocks with people we love. My birthday is that day and much of my family will be coming up from Oklahoma so there will be celebratory feelings. There is also a kind of euphoric sense of freedom and excitement for the mystery and adventures to come.”

Today we premiere a video that captures the band’s performance of Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar” last year at Red Rocks. Paine tells Relix, “I love playing ‘Have a Cigar.’ Growing up my oldest brother, Jesse, loved Pink Floyd. He would blast it on the stereo when we’d play hide and go seek in the dark. When I was 9 Jesse died. In his honor my dad fixed up an old church bus that had been broken down in our yard and loaded up about 20 or so of our family and friends to road trip down to Dallas, Texas to see Pink Floyd play. My sisters Annie and Sarah and I had been learning to play the drum set from our oldest sister Christy, and I think seeing that show is part of what inspired us to try other instruments so we could explore playing in a band together with Annie on bass, Sarah on drums, and me on guitar. We actually just played a couple weeks ago, and my 12 year old nephew got up and played Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ for us.”