Watch: Bob Weir Talks His Musical Role in the Grateful Dead

Rob Slater on August 10, 2015

Bob Weir’s interview with Dan Rather airs tomorrow at 11 PM on AXSTV and in preparation, another clip has been released featuring Weir talking about his style of rhythm guitar and how he fit with Jerry Garcia in the Grateful Dead. Of note in the brief clip is Weir citing piano players as a frame of reference for his playing style, specifically John Coltrane’s McCoy Tyner. 

“The way he set things up for Coltrane to bounce off of,” Weir explained. “Jerry had remarkable facility with soloing and playing leads and stuff like that….I had to figure out something else to do and back in those days playing rhythm guitar was a pretty functionary kind of deal, there wasn’t a lot to it.” He added, “There weren’t any examples of people for me to pattern what I was doing after, so I went for piano players.”

Watch the clip below.