Video Premiere: Piuma “Live Laugh Love” (Live in Los Angeles)

October 6, 2016

Back in April, we premiered a live video for Piuma’s “As Far As the Eye Can See.” While David Small recorded all the parts himself for Piuma’s original self-titled EP, as he began to perform live with the project he expanded his scope with the addition of Lamar Little (drums), Mike Roberts (bass) and Max Butler (keys).  This version of Piuma has recorded a full-length record which is set for release on November 4. In anticipation, Piuma has released “Live Laugh Love,” a single from the forthcoming album Today we share this live performance video of the song, which is now available for download via the Piuma Shop.

Small explains that the song’s title “is a phrase that reminds me to focus on what really matters. I tend to go into dark places and can get overwhelmed by the world—taking it on my shoulders—focusing on the negatives and losing site of what is really important. Live Laugh Love is about being in a state where we are focused more on others’ well being, than our own. Sometimes we get so focused on our ourselves, that we lose sight of the fact that caring for others is a true source of happiness; Living—going out and hiking, surfing, doing whatever gets your blood pumping—laughing with friends—and being love by focusing on others’ happiness, tends to lead to our own.

“One of my favorite parts is where Lamar Little (drums) and I subconsciously link up to build the momentum at 3:28—where we start pushing and then the train goes up on two wheels for a moment as Mike Roberts (bass) and I start playing with a rhythmic shift. I love music that is a bit untamed and wild—slightly out of our control. We had only rehearsed together three times before playing this live in the studio recording, which also served as the record release show for the EP. The entire recording that day, will be released on November 4th, as our first full length LP, titled Born.”