That Phil Lesh Birthday Helmet from the Port Chester Fire Department is Spectacular

March 20, 2018

Last week, Phil Lesh celebrated his 78th birthday with a three-night run at The Capitol Theatre, including a special birthday show on Thursday. Along with his collaborators in The Terrapin Family Band and special guest guitarist John Scofield, Lesh was joined on stage just before the second set by members of the Port Chester Fire Department, who made Lesh an honorary member of their team and presented him with a custom fireman’s helmet. And what a helmet it is. 

Below, check out a 360-degree view of the helmet, which was commissioned by Fire Captain Larry Miano and designed by San Francisco artist and former fireman himself John Frankel. The front of the helmet has the classic Grateful Dead Steal Your Face logo, along with Lesh’s name, with the sides featuring more Dead-themed art like the dancing bears, skull and roses, a terrapin playing Lesh’s bass and more, plus the names of Lesh’s wife Jill, sons Brian and Grahame, and grandson Levon. The piece of art is topped off by a golden eagle.

See the helmet in all its glory below, via Doug Clifton.