Ryan Adams’ First Interview About His New Album Was With……A Cat

December 7, 2016

Ryan Adams will return on February 17 with Prisoner and that means its time to start every artist’s favorite thing: Press. Adams didn’t come out of the gates with a big profile in The New York Times, but rather with an appearance on Lil’ Bub’s Big Show. Yes, Lil’ Bub is a cat. A very curious cat at that. 

Bub and Adams dish on his new album, what it’s about (“I was reflecting on the different states of desire and what it means to be a prisoner of your own desire,” Adams says) and how his cats are doing. Agnes apparently had to go to the vet to get spayed. She’s doing well. Lil’ Bub then asks Adams if he is spayed, to which he responds: “Emotionally, yes.” 

The video also previews a few snippets (or sniplets as Lil’ Bub calls them) of new songs and is basically the best way to do press. Watch it below.