Song Premiere: Jenny Kern “Alone”

October 1, 2021
Song Premiere: Jenny Kern “Alone”

photo credit: Coley Krystyna

On her new EP Jenny Kern reflects on the experience of the quarantine. Kern wrote the songs on I Never Thought That You Were Listening last year and they explore intertwined themes of isolation and connection that are well-suited for her atmospheric indie-pop. Kern explains, “It’s all about learning to be alone and knowing that you’re not on your own through it all. The truth is, I want people to feel seen, and I want people to feel soothed by the music. Music is an incredibly healing force, and I hope that people feel a sense of comfort when they listen to this EP.”

Kern relocated from Montreal to New York in 2013. After initially working for filmmakers Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, and then exploring other opportunities in television and film, she turned her focus full-time to music in 2018.  She recorded her debut EP in the fall of 2018 and toured Europe the following spring. On I Never Thought That You Were Listening she continues her collaboration with producer Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers, Chelsea Cutler).

Today we premiere the official video for “Alone.” Kern tells Relix, “I wrote ‘Alone’ when I was in the deepest spiral of being on my own. I felt like no one was there, no one was listening. With everything going on in the world over the last two years, “Alone” feels like a ritual. It came from a place of hopelessness and it’s probably one of the most honest songs I’ve written. It’s about self-discovery and searching for meaning in a dark and lonely time.”

I Never Thought That You Were Listening is now available.

Video Credits:

Director of Photography Leo Gallagher

Edited by Zack Label

Colored by Alex T. Barratt

Music Credits:

Written and Performed by Jenny Kern

Produced by Carson Cody

Mixed by Matt Huber

Mastered by Joe LaPorta