Premiere: Americana Icon Richie Furay Revisits A Poco Classic at the Troubadour

February 25, 2021
Premiere: Americana Icon Richie Furay Revisits A Poco Classic at the Troubadour

Richie Furay is a celebrated singer and songwriter, whose work spans five decades yet remains vital today. As we noted in our recent feature: “Long before Americana was a festival buzzword, Richie Furay helped redefine the boundaries of roots-rock music—twice. Although his first great band, Buffalo Springfield, lasted barely two years, from 1966 to 1968, and released only three albums during their time together, they laid the groundwork for the genre, offering a loving blend of country soul and rock-and-roll swagger. And, soon after that band splintered, he formed Poco, which not only churned out their own classic originals, but also seeded future chart-toppers like Loggins and Messina and the Eagles.”

Back in November 2018, 50 years after Poco debuted at the celebrated Troubadour in Los Angeles, Furay returned with his solo band and performed Poco’s 1971 live alum Deliverin’ in its entirety. The evening also included some Buffalo Springfield material as well as Furay’s solo work. Timothy B. Schmit who joined Poco in 1969 and was part of the lineup that recorded Deleverin’ also contributed guest vocals on a couple songs. The evening was captured for posterity and will be released on April 2, as a double live concert album and DVD, 50th Anniversary Return to The Troubadour.

Today we’re premiering Poco favorite “C’mon” from Return to The Troubadour.

Looking back on the evening, Furay recalls, “This was actually something that I never thought could happen. My manager David Stone had been trying to persuade me for a couple of years to perform the Poco Deliverin’ album in its entirety, and I had always responded that it’ll never happen. I had been doing a few of the songs in my live performances for some time, but the thought of actually trying to capture the moment and excitement of doing all of those songs live was going to be a challenge.  I do believe that my group, at that time, was the only ‘representation’ of Poco that could attempt it and I believe the final product speaks for itself–it was a challenge, and we met the challenge.  Having Timothy B. Schmit join us for one of his songs was an extra added bonus and having him return for the encore.”

As for the original recording of the record, Furay adds, “There were a lot of non-studio songs on the Deliverin’ album.  In fact, the first three songs that opened the set had not been on earlier albums.  We were not afraid to play songs people hadn’t heard because we knew they would connect and we could “deliver” them; we were confident to rely on our musicianship, songwriting and “live” performance skills to capture the hearts of the Poco fans who have actually become somewhat of a “cult following”  In the set we would weave older songs in the set such as my Buffalo Springfield songs, knowing they were significant to our identity. Most of the other songs came from Poco’s first album, Pickin’ Up The Pieces.”    

The tracklisting and personnel for from appear below the video


CD 1: “Still DeLIVErin’”

On The Way Home

Let’s Dance Tonight

We Were The Dreamers

Don’t Let It Pass By

Go and Say Goodbye

Wake Up My Soul

Hard Country

Wind of Change

Anyway Bye Bye


CD 2: “DeLIVErin’ Again”

I Guess You Made It


Hear That Music (with Timothy B. Schmit)

Kind Woman

Hard Luck

Child’s Claim To Fame

Pickin’ Up The Pieces

You Better Think Twice

A Man Like Me

Just in Case It Happens, Yes Indeed

Grand Junction

Consequently So Long

Encore: A Good Feelin’ To Know (with Timothy B. Schmit)

Richie Furay Band:

Richie Furay: guitars, vocals

Jesse Furay Lynch, tambourine and vocals

Scott Sellen, guitars, banjo and vocals

Jack Jeckot, keyboards, harmonica, guitar and vocals

Aaron Sellen, bass guitar and vocals

Alan Lemke, drums


Dave Pearlman, pedal steel guitar and dobro

Timothy B. Schmit, vocals