Jimmy Fallon Leads Tribute to David Bowie on _Saturday Night Live_ Starring Jimmy Fallon

Rob Slater on April 16, 2017

When Jimmy Fallon returns to the halls of Saturday Night Live, I imagine it a lot like the graduated high school quarterback returning to his glory days. The crowd stands and cheers while the current players roll their eyes in the corner. Last night it was in fact The Jimmy Fallon Show Also Featuring the Regular Cast of Saturday Night Live as the former cast member returned to host a show that went live on both coasts. 

The opening monologue was once again exchanged for a musical number as SNL shifts ever-so-closer to Tina Fey’s The Girlie Show from 30 Rock, with Fallon enlisting himself and a microphone to sing David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” The rest of the cast participated in a dance number and Nile Rodgers also appeared to make the Bowie tribute a little more current. 

As Fallon transitions from funny guy you’d love to have a beer with to dynamic entertainer and dancer, look for more of these types of bits as James Corden’s ratings continue to rise.