Hear from the 10-Year-Old Who Caught Trey Anastasio’s Guitar Pick at Fenway Park

July 9, 2019
Hear from the 10-Year-Old Who Caught Trey Anastasio’s Guitar Pick at Fenway Park

Image via JEMP Radio

JEMP radio recently heard from the young fan who was lucky enough to catch Trey Anastasio’s guitar pick at Phish’s Friday night at Fenway Park.

Early on, 10-year-old Adam and his father, Todd, were spotted by the Phish guitarist, and following the “Tube” jam early on in the show, Anastasio tossed his guitar pick to the elated kid in the front row, who was then hoisted into his proud father’s arms.

Although, as the interview with JEMP DJ Andy Michels reveals, Adam is no newcomer to the Phish scene.

“The second night of Fenway was my 17th show,” the young phan confesses.

Later Adam explains to JEMP why he loves Phish so much. “I really like it because they have different types of songs. They have some really good jamming dancing songs. Some are mellow,” he says before adding that his favorite song is “Wilson.”

“I had to tap Adam on the shoulder and say ‘I think Trey is trying to get your attention,'” his father Todd explained. “And Trey just walked over and he singled Adam out. And god bless our fellow Phish fans who stepped out of the way so the 10-year-old could get the pick. Trey tossed it and I managed to grab it and hand it to Adam and give the band a huge thank you. That was just an incredible moment.”

However, for Adam, it was a great night even before he got the souvenir. “I was already feeling lucky that, one, I was at a Phish concert and, two, that I was up there. And three? My mind was just blown. I couldn’t believe it.”

Adam also had a review of the band’s marathon Saturday night show: “They started off hard with a really great ‘Carini’ and they ended with my favorite song. It was just a great night.”

Listen to Adam and Todd recount their Phish Fenway experience below: