Full Video and Photos: Jim James and More Play “The Future Is Voting” Event in Milwaukee

October 11, 2018
Full Video and Photos: Jim James and More Play “The Future Is Voting” Event in Milwaukee


On Wednesday night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, HeadCount and Jim James hosted the second installment of their “The Future Is Voting” tour, a series of six events in swing-state districts around the country featuring the My Morning Jacket frontman along with other artists and politicians, in anticipation of next month’s midterm elections.

At last night’s Milwaukee event, James headlined, with Field Report’s Chris Porterfield opening. The night also featured speeches from local politicians, along with emcee and performer Linqua Franqa.

James opened his portion of the evening with two songs off his recent dual solo albums, Uniform Distortion and Uniform Clarity, “Over and Over” and “You Get to Rome,” followed by “Changing World” from the Woody Guthrie tribute album New Multitudes which featured James, and a cover of Timmy Thomas’ “Rainbow Power.” James then dipped into his My Morning Jacket catalog for “I’m Amazed,” then back to his solo work with Uniform‘s “Just a Fool” and “Same Old Lie” from his previous solo album Eternally Even. After a cover of Nina Simone’s “New World Coming,” James rounded out with two more solo cuts, “State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)” and “Here in Spirit.”

See James’ setlist below, along with full video of the event from HeadCount’s free stream (James’ set starts around 1:38:00), plus photos from Stephen Bloch.


Jim James
UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Over and Over, You Get to Rome, Changing World, Rainbow Power, I’m Amazed, Just a Fool, Same Old Lie, New World Coming, State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.), Here in Spirit

Source: setlist.fm