Even The Hampton Police Department is Excited About Phish’s Return to The Mothership

Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta on May 16, 2018

Perhaps the best news gleaned from Phish’s recent Fall Tour announcement (other than another Halloween in Las Vegas) is the band’s return to Virginia’s Hampton Coliseum aka The Mothership. 

The site of some of Phish’s most treasured live cuts – including Hampton Comes Alive, captured over two nights in November ’98 – the venue is a favorite of both the band and their fans. 

The quartet will return to The Mothership for the first time in five years for another three-night run on October 19-21, and it turns out even the Hampton Police Department is stoked about it. 

In a video posted to Facebook the venue’s local boys in blue seem thrilled to have Phish back in their fold. One of them even asks for some time off to check out the shows. 

It makes you wonder if phans should enact a police discount for parking lot grilled cheese… 

Watch below: