Album Premiere: Magic In The Other ‘What We Know Is Possible’

September 14, 2018
Album Premiere: Magic In The Other ‘What We Know Is Possible’

Earlier this year,  Magic In The Other founder/drummer/songwriter Ezra Lipp told Relix,  “I view Magic In The Other as a dance band, but one that touches on different emotional centers. Music can relate to people in four general areas—the head, the heart, the body and the soul. That’s just as true of the Grateful Dead, James Brown and The Beatles, as it is of jazz music or classical Indian music. You can have this transcendent real-time experience, where the audience shapes the music, the music shapes the audience and everyone is collectively transformed.”

As we then noted, “Lipp’s compositions initially focused on the instrumental side and balanced cerebral, jazzinfluenced offerings with more groove-infused expressions— not altogether dissimilar to the early work of The Slip. Increasingly, he’s been writing material with lyrics, aspiring to connect with listeners on another level.”

These songs appear on the group’s debut album, What We Know Is Possible.  Lipp adds, “A lot of people may view putting out a record like the finishing line of a big race. I tend to see it as the gun going off. Now we have our first record out and it’s up to us to live up to it’s potential, deliver consistently awesome performances at every show, follow up with quality material on a regular basis and continue to build and grow a base of supportive fans around the country and the world. Not an easy task for any band but I know we are all up for it and excited for the journey ahead!”

The album, which streams below, is available at various online outlets, as well as the band’s website. MITO also features bass player Steve Adams (ALO, Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers) and guitarist Roger Riedlbauer (Jolie Holland, Mercury Falls).

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