A Reminder That Carlos Boozer Has the Best Prince Story

Rob Slater on November 7, 2017

Today is a slow day, so let’s remember a great Prince story courtesy of former NBAer Carlos Boozer who learned not to rent his Beverly Hills home to Prince unless he was planning on renovations. 

As Boozer and former Duke teammate Jay Williams told ESPN, the Duke star and eventual member of the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls (among others) rented his home to the late rock icon in 2011 only to arrive home to see that things had drastically changed. 

“I remember [Boozer] calling me, ‘Dude you will never guess, I rode past my house like three times, I had no idea it was my house,'” Williams recalls. Prince enjoyed his stay so much that he made himself literally at home, changing the master bedroom to a hair salon, turning Boozer’s streaming blue waters to his patented purple and placing his symbol on the front gates, among many other stylistic changes. 

“Booz was livid,” Williams said. But Prince made it right, allegedly writing a check to Boozer for “about a million” after things calmed down.

“Good dude, good tenant,” Boozer later said. “[He] took care of the house his way. And then fixed it back the way I needed it to be. Very good dude.” Boozer also went on to say that the two agreed on a disclosure not to speak about the terms of the deal. “He knows how to live. He lives a good life. I’ll put it that way.” 

Renting someone’s house only to redesign it and then pay for it to go back to the way it was is certainly a good life. Prince was the best.