Wet Tuna: Livin’ the Die

Richard Gehr on May 3, 2018

About six minutes into “Route 5,” the 18-minute closer on Wet Tuna’s loose and liminal Livin’ the Die, Matt Valentine and Pat Gubler’s pedal-heavy guitars morph from acoustica to electrica, only to segue back a few minutes later, and then vice versa, and so on. Part of the so-called freak-folk movement that was all the rage for a minute back there, Valentine and Gruber have consolidated their concerns into a hazy, burbling, reverberant and arcane nod to the rhizomic legacies of the Grateful Dead (blink and miss their minute-long “Space and Drums”), Hot Tuna and such.

Artist: Wet Tuna
Album: Livin’ the Die
Label: Feeding Tube