The Doobie Brothers: World Gone Crazy

Scott Bernstein on November 11, 2010


Forty years into a remarkable career, the Doobie Brothers’ latest LP, World Gone Crazy, shows the band ageing gracefully. The Doobie Brothers’ first studio effect after a decade-long hiatus, the album ranks among the best from the outfit’s last 30 years despite some inconsistencies. Highlights include a reworked version of the band’s first-ever single, “Nobody,” the poppy opening track “A Brighter Day” and special guest Willie Nelson’s contribution to “I Know We Won.” The sickly sweet “Don’t Say Goodbye,” “Far From Home” and “Little Prayer” each weigh the album down. While no one will ever confuse World Gone Crazy for classic Doobie LPs Toulouse Street and The Captain and Me, it’s an entertaining listen that stays true to the band’s sound.

Artist: The Doobie Brothers
Album: World Gone Crazy