Kip Hanrahan: Crescent Moon Waning

Richard Gehr on March 8, 2018

The enigmatic producer-composer-percussionist Kip Hanrahan developed his own idiosyncratic style in New York during the ‘80s. Hanrahan’s new Crescent Moon Waning is another sensuous and intoxicating blend of jazz harmonies (bass is the place), Latin rhythms, and sexy poetics among more timely zones of nostalgia, anger and resolve. Hanrahan wrangles musicians like a casting director, and his editing process is equally complex. “Andy Laughs at One of the Few Golden Veins in Our Bronx Childhood (For Andy Gonzalez)” may say it all—or not—but don’t miss the late Jack Bruce leading a wild charge of congas and saxophones in the live “All of Us Working Class Boys.”

Artist: Kip Hanrahan
Album: Crescent Moon Waning
Label: American Clavé