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My Morning Jacket

“Feel You”

From the album The Waterfall II

ATO Records

My Morning Jacket have released their new album The Waterfall II, a continuation of 2015’s Grammy Award nominated album The Waterfall. The Waterfall II is an unforeseen and timely continuation of a psychic and sonic journey begun long ago.

Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves

“Feeling Good”

From the album SUN VIA


Nick Perri & The Underground Thieves are a rock band from Philadelphia led by artist, songwriter and producer Nick Perri. Debut album SUN VIA is available now on vinyl, CD and all digital platforms.

Eric Johanson

“Down to the Bottom”

From the album Below Sea Level

NOLA Blue Records

Guitarist, singer and Louisiana native Eric Johanson makes guitar-driven music with authentic roots in the dynamic tapestry of New Orleans that evokes the mysteries of the bayou, heat of the city and all the lively spaces in between.





Goodwolf is the brainchild of Morgantown, W.V.-based Tyler Grady. Drawing influence from a range of artists as varied as Elliot Smith and Guided by Voices, Goodwolf churns out infectious hooks that echo the heyday of radio rock while sounding stunningly current.

Axon Radio

“Stocking Shelves (Feat. Oz Noy)”

From the album Shadow Logic

Def Left Ear

Axon Radio is an American jazz duo founded in 2019 by Cory Carleton (bass) and Travis Brant (drums). Eclectic music and lineups are a staple — blending jazz, funk, and fusion, with modern studio production, and a rotating cast of industry established musicians.

John Németh



NOLA Blue Records

Two-time Blues Music Award winner John Németh was born and raised in Boise, Idaho before spending nine years in the Bay Area and ultimately landing in his current hometown of Memphis, Tenn. Németh’s 10th album, Stronger Than Strong, is slated for release on Oct. 16, 2020.


“Vinyl Junkie”

From the album HMS Blake


U.K. based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Blake’s music is heavily influenced by ‘60s rock acts such as The Beatles, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan. His DIY recordings have earned him a cult following. New album, HMS Blake, was released on the Subjangle label on September 25.

Whiskey Basterds

“Sweet Kathleen”

From the album Redemption on Main St.

Black Tooth Productions

Deeply rooted in Americana music, Whiskey Basterds are open to exploring wherever the Muses lead them, giving rise to new expressions of their sonic heritage—from folk to funk to blues, rock and beyond. Their debut album, Redemption on Main St. is “an electric rock ‘n’ roll trip through the dark side.”

Claus Funch

“Drugged Up Future World”

Noise Tablets

Celebration Records

Claus Funch has been roaming around on the Danish music scene for many years. In his music, Claus explores a wide range of genres and is constantly seeking in his music and never settling. Funch is now residing in Copenhagen and is releasing his second solo album Noise Tablets on October 9.

Leah Dunn


From the album Wetsuit


Leah Dunn, found on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist, earwormed her way into the indie-rock scene with her debut, Wetsuit. At only 18, her work ranges from witty and catchy hooks to stark social commentary. Dunn draws Courtney Barnett, Neil Young and Sonic Youth to create her own velvet sound.


“Buy Yourself a Dream”


The Orchard

Monotronic is a NYC-based collective that blends a wide array of influences and styles to produce a unique sound of their own that truly defies genre. The band was founded in 2016 by guitarist/producer Ramsey Elkholy, who is also the band’s leader and primary song writer.

Reverbnation Contest Winner: The Violet Mindfield

“Downtown (I Wanna Roll With You)”

From the album Hello Darling


The Violet Mindfield is a four-piece, American, garage/psych band, based in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

Editor’s Pick: The Greyboy Allstars

“Executive Party”

From the album Como De Allstars

Knowledge Room Recordings

The Greyboy Allstars surprise studio album, Como De Allstars, is the legendary SoCal-based band’s first new music in seven years. Self-declared “boogaloo revivalists,” the quintet, which initially formed in 1994, remain as revelatory and electrifying as ever over 25 years later.

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Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh

“Call Me When You Land”


Nettwerk Music Group

“Call Me When You Land” sees Nashville based singer-songwriter Ben Cramer (a.k.a. Old Sea Brigade) and LA-based British musician Luke Sital-Singh collaborate on this ode to long distance relationships. The laid-back, dreamy folk vibe of the track is magical, and is soon to be your favorite new earworm.

Crooked Weather

“Pay My Dues”



Based out of a 1979 mustard campervan, Yorkshire-based band Crooked Weather are a melting pot of indie, rock, world music and folk. Headed by singer-songwriter Will Bladen, travel and adventure, both without and within, provide a mainstay of the inspiring antics that they draw upon for their craft.

Twins of June

“Love You So”


Revanche Records

Twins of June was formed by the two twin brothers, Jesper and Jonas, from Denmark. The band’s debut album Home came out in 2019, and they have since recently released their single “Love You So” which is about surrounding yourself with people who make you the best version of yourself. Check out the twins on Spotify

The Lucky Losers

“Leave You On The Side of The Road”

From the album Godless Land

VizzTone Label Group

Having won the Independent Blues Award for “Best Blues-Soul Artist of 2019,” The Lucky Losers are San Francisco’s finest male/female duet fronted band; a throwback to the hybrid of soul, blues, rock, gospel, and country that emerged in the late 1960’s with passionate vocal performances & songwriting.

Emily Zuzik

“The Band Played On”

From the album Torch & Trouble

Maenades Music/Head Bitch Music

Emily Zuzik is an L.A. singer-songwriter who plants her musical roots in a blend of alt-country, rhythm & blues and rock music. She sings about a woman’s vulnerability, strength and faith in love in the tradition of Patsy Cline, with a warm voice reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Liz Phair.

Safari Room


From the album Look Me Up When You Get There


Safari Room is a Nashville-based, indie rock band with a keenness on human connection as a founding cornerstone. The band is characterized by ambient soundscapes, intricate rhythms, baritone-led vocals and introspective lyrical content. Their debut album released on July 24 is just the beginning…

Billy Bonbon

“Belly Kiss”



Billy Bonbon is a French indie dream/garage pop band born during quarantine. They write beautifully flowing, melodic jangly indie-pop, with the slightest bit of gaze-laden vocal inflections injected to perfectly muddy the waters. It’s perfect to listen to in a car on the highway as your hand caresses the wind in the setting sun.

Casey & The Comrades


From the Album Kidz These Daze


Casey & The Comrades are a NC based psychedelic space-rock quintet, focused on original compositions, improvisation, and freshly interpreted covers, featuring members of Big Something (Casey Cranford & Ben Vinograd) and The Mantras (Julian Sizemore). Kidz These Daze is the Comrades’ studio debut.

Jesse Lynn Madera


From the Album Fortunes

Big Fat Dress

Jesse Lynn Madera blends country, soul, and jazz seamlessly in her music, cultivating a compellingly unique sound. Jesse’s latest album, Fortunes, makes a strong impression in its well-crafted conviction. From its swelling strings to its Cohen-esque lyrics, Fortunes has an otherworldly, mystical feel.

Justin Saladino Band


From the album JSB Live

Productions Bros.

Justin Saladino leads a guitar-driven contemporary blues/rock ‘n’ soul group with powerful guitar playing, sultry vocals, and genre-blending compositions. Firmly backed by Montreal’s finest, the band’s dynamic interplay is remarkable. JSB Live delivers a diverse setlist of their history to date.

Stephen Cooper and The Nobody Famous

“Higher Love”

From the album Stephen Cooper and The Nobody Famous


Stephen Cooper and The Nobody Famous put the classic Motown-Stax-Chess groove through a 21st Century filter and with all the subtlety of a stampeding rhino. Like a musical mad scientist, Cooper has combined the essences of some of the greatest music ever made and created something truly special.

The Jason Cale Band

Made a Fool of My Heart (Live at Soniqual Studio)

From the album World of Wonder


The blending of New Orleans funk, blues rock, jazz fusion, and R&B elements is what creates the gumbo of The Jason Cale Band. Groove is at the heart with exceptional song crafting and musicianship that takes the listener back to a time when music wasn’t formulated for the masses.

Blue Gremlin

“The Gremlin”



Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Blue Gremlin is the solo project of Harry Boxall, who writes earnest alternative rock about mental illness, love, addiction, and everything in between.

Saint Ee Ha



Bentley Records

Saint Ee Ha is a musical revolution committed to uniting the world under a simple unified message to “Kill the Poverty” through powerful and motivational music. Over the years they have been performing at Whisky a Go Go, Viper Room and HOB. Their new single “Surrender” is released by Bentley Records.