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The Black Keys

“Coal Black Mattie”

From the album Delta Kream

Nonesuch Records

Ranie Burnette played dances and juke joints in the 1940s and ‘50s but did not record until the 1970s. Burnette cut this song for a 1980 single on High Water, produced by David Evans, a musicologist at the University of Memphis. “Ranie mentored R.L. , says Dan Auerbach. “There were a couple of other guys like that, who were famous in the area but never got recorded. It’s amazing—these great musicians just playing for the community, playing for themselves.”

Alex James Brierley

“Go With the Flow”


Intense Pulse Records (U.K.)

Alex James Brierley is a 23-year-old U.K. alternative pop-rock artist and a regular on the BBC, introducing for over six years. Alex has appeared on national news with track “Place of Nowhere” and has already supported bands such as Space, Scouting for Girls and Toploader, and appeared at the World Famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.


“Stranded in the Night”

From the album Magic Myth and Rhyme


K-Nein is an Americana producer and multi-instrumentalist in the Chicagoland area. His songwriting draws from his experiences in life, having traveled throughout the world with deep roots in improvisational music as well as composition.

Abby Bryant & The Echoes

“I’m Telling You”

From the album Not Your Little Girl


Abby Bryant & The Echoes debut LP is a confident and rebellious collection, showcasing Bryant’s vocal abilities and claiming the band’s hard-fought place in the world of vintage-inspired Southern soul-rock.

Al Basile

“I’m Bad That Way”

From the album B’s Testimony

Sweetspot Records

Poet, singer-songwriter, cornetist and audio playwright Al Basile is an eight-time BMA nominee who began his musical career with Roomful of Blues in the seventies. He has 19 solo albums out since 1998, and guests on his projects include Duke Robillard, the Blind Boys of Alabama and jazz great Scott Hamilton.

Mo Douglas

“A Moderately Hot Broiler”

From the album Fry The Onion Gently

Ten Dollar Recording Co.

Mo Douglas — the master chef multi-instrumentalist of Portland’s Ten Dollar Recording Co. — does it again, cooking up groovy instrumental jams and bestowing upon our ears psych, funk, soul, dub, jazz, garage rock, but most important of all, a perpetual groove swirling throughout a new record out October 25.

High & Rising

“The Days”

From the album Howl


Out of the northern Midwest and the banks of the mighty Mississippi River grew this “Groovy Grass” band of music makers. High & Rising most often plays as a trio, with a unique combination of instruments that bring a fresh, groovy sound to the bluegrass and folk American scene.


“The Long Way Home”

From the album Parallel


Hypnopompia is an Ohio-based indie rocker that blends psychedelia, jazz, trip hop and post-rock to create music that pairs dreamy soundscapes with introspective lyrics that explore themes of mental health and interpersonal relationships. Parallel, their debut album, was released in July 2021.

The Mommyheads

“TV Dinner”

From the album Age of Isolation


Riding high on a recent prolific streak, Age of Isolation marks an ambitious new direction for the Mommyheads. “TV Dinner” unfolds with the band’s familiar cascading arpeggios and lilting melodic beauty. Four decades later, and The Mommyheads are still the undisputed godfathers of baroque prog pop.





“Hey, you up? I know we just met so this might seem crazy, but we really want to be your new favorite band.” Moonwater are an indie band from N.J., blending rock, their favorite synthesizers and years of nostalgia into energetic songs that moms everywhere love. New music is out in December 2021.

McCauliffe Brothers Band

“The Last Time”



The McCauliffe Brothers Band (Chapel Hill, N.C.) released three new songs in September. These songs mark the brothers’ final days in their North Carolina studio before parting ways to Franklin, Tenn., and Athens, Ga. The songs feature Nick Buda on the drums and are mixed by Justin Cortelyou.

Kendra & the Bunnies

“Passion Roulette”

From the EP Of Summer

New Age Wasteland Productions

Kendra Muecke of Kendra & the Bunnies is a freestyle folk and pop-rock artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her style heavily utilizes the element of storytelling through song, painting a creative experience for the listener. Atop her numerous releases, she is even a Grammy voting member.

Shanghai Metro Temple

“In the Dark”



A baby of the pandemic, we make music that touches your soul. Shanghai Metro Temple strives to create a familiar but entirely unique brand of rock-and-roll. From face-melting guitar solos to the gentle twang of acoustic verses and large driving choruses, no ear will leave dissatisfied.

Editor’s Pick: Neal Francis

“Can’t Stop the Rain”

From the album In Plain Sight

ATO Records

Neal Francis album In Plain Sight offers a body of work both enchanting and painfully self-aware, recorded entirely on tape with his bandmates. Mixed by Grammy Award-winner Dave Fridmann (Spoon, Tame Impala, Flaming Lips), the album spotlights Francis’s refined yet free-spirited performance on piano.

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The Stews

“Make It Out”

From the EP The Stews EP


The Stews formed in the fall of 2020 in Auburn, Ala. Their sound takes inspiration from a plethora of styles, genres and moods. Featuring Preston Hall (lead vocals, lead guitar), Blake Dobbs (rhythm guitar), Bennett Baugus (bass) and Wyatt Griffith (drums, backing vocals).

Rob Massard

“I Hang on Every Moment”


Rob Massard Music

Discover the exciting, unforgettably fresh sound of Detroit’s progressive folk singer/songwriter Rob Massard. Fans and new listeners alike are uplifted by his heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. Enjoy Massard’s music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other online media streaming and distribution outlets.

Jake Huffman

“Just a Little More”



Jake Huffman (of McLovins) releases a new single “Just a Little More.” The McLovins’ story has garnered the attention of music fans worldwide and it is THAT story which inspired the concept behind this single. This is an unforgettable rock song that fans of beautiful melodies will appreciate.


“Way Down”

From the Album Cosmal


Cosmal is a NY based music/art fusion duo that create a cutting edge performance by blending genre defying music with ecstatically charged painting. Combining live instruments, vocals, and midi controllers, Cosmal is a 100% live multimedia experience. Check out their self-titled debut album today!

Greg Dayton

“Cold Wind Blows”

From the Album Sailing for the Sun

Ropeadope/Modern Icon Recordings

Singer/songwriter Greg Dayton was inducted as a “Great Blues Artist” into the New York Blues Hall of Fame (2016). While Dayton’s music and playing has strong blues influences, his songs draw upon a much wider range of styles in the spirit of the great songwriters of classic rock, folk and soul.

Slow Coda


From the Album Slow Coda


Slow Coda is an LA-based alternative rock duo. Their debut album, described by Bandcamp as a “riff-fueled road trip,” is a retreat back to a world of guitars, grunge and gas station burritos. It features eleven dreamy, wistful odes to wasting time with friends and life at the end of the 20th century.

Perlin Noise

“Thrill Of The Chase”

From the Album Alchemy


Perlin Noise is a five-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia. Their music is a blend of classic rock and indie rock, with lyrics that range from the tragic to the absurd. They released their second full-length album, Alchemy, on Sept. 24, 2021.

Blumer Haus


From the Album Boy Meets Groove


Boy Meets Groove is the debut jazz funk Americana album by Colorado multi-instrumentalist and composer, Eric Blumer. It features a talented horn section, a P Funk All Star alumni bassist, and a national flat picking guitar champ. For 10 years Blumer has been recording in the basement of his home.

Roses & Revolutions

“Coffee (feat. Lostboycrow)”

From the EP Midnight Monsters

Nettwerk Records

Roses & Revolutions worked at night to craft a darker kind of singer-songwriter sound on Midnight Monsters. Wanting to capture real life “midnight monsters” into song, the EP unfolds like a short film noir. They explore darker territory with skill and nuance and also radiate strength and hope.

Justin Golden

“It Ain’t Much”


Vocal Rest Records

Justin Golden has been a staple in the Virginia music scene for years. With his strong finger-picking, he has opened for artists such as C.W. Stoneking, Chance McCoy, Jontavious Willis, and Shawn James. Already well known in the blues scene, he is sure to leave his mark on the national level.

Toney Rocks

“Lies We Tell”

From the EP 02.24.20


“Lies We Tell” is a cinematic, tomorrow’s western odyssey produced and performed by Toney Rocks. The song opens with trippy psychedelic synthesizer pads that melt into a gutsy speaker shaking baritone guitar. The lyrics speak of reckoning with some hard truths in one’s life.

Jordan Lindley


From the Album Pearl


Coming off of his EP Look Back, Nashville-based Jordan Lindley is back to deliver his debut album, Pearl – produced by Austin Bianco, Jake Finch, and Collin Pastore (Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, etc.) For fans of Pinegrove, Conor Oberst, and Bon Iver, Lindley is sure to win over rock & pop lovers alike.

Justin Arena

“When You Wake Up”

From the Album Talk to Me


Justin Arena is an Independent Queer Folk Singer-songwriter from the small town Rockland, Mass., focusing on themes like mental health, gender identity, love And loss. Justin’s new record Talk to Me is out now everywhere!

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