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Marcus King

From the album Mood Swings
Republic/American Recordings

Marcus King’s Mood Swings, his Rick Rubin-produced album, takes him in a whole new sonic direction. King’s voice taking center stage, no longer in the shadow of his own guitar greatness. With Marcus learning to use his mental health as a writing partner, it’s a rebirth of his sound and his mind.

Editor’s Pick: Guster
“Keep Going”
From the album Ooh La La
Ocho Mule

Guster returns with “Keep Going” from their forthcoming full-length album, Ooh La La, out May 17 on Ocho Mule Records.

Red Matter
“Sunrise on the Freeway”
Red Matter emerged from the vibrant music scene of Connecticut in 2013, initially uniting under the moniker, Terrapin, as a Grateful Dead cover band. However, the band’s creative journey soon led them down an original path, as their musical compositions demanded expression.

Fat Produce
“Sticky Beets”
F-Spot Records

Fat Produce builds on classic soul-jazz while keeping it funky and groove-focused. This Miami-based trio, led by Addison Rifkind on guitar and Michael Duffy on drums, is a guaranteed head-nodder that breathes new life into the instrumental guitar-trio format.

The HawtThorns
“Zero Gravity”
From the album Zero Gravity
Red Parlor Records

The sun-kissed songwriting, deft guitar work and lush vocal harmonies that have been at the core of The HawtThorns’ sound are magnified through the lens of their upcoming record, Zero Gravity. The third album by the duo includes 11 songs recorded by some of Nashville’s most accomplished musicians.

Red and the Revelers
“Shattered Lives”

From Mobile, Ala., Red and the Revelers, led by Red Greg Padilla, creates swamp-soul by fusing rock, country and soul, forming a captivating musical gumbo. Described as Alabama’s finest, they’re set to release the Real Big Deal album, produced by Will Turpin and Brian Collins of Real2Reel Studios.

Jon Tyler Wiley & His Virginia Choir
From the album Pictures in the Dark
Caroline County Record Company

In 2019, seasoned sideman Jon Tyler Wiley assembled The Virginia Choir out of friends and musicians in Northern Virginia. This talented cast draws from influences as diverse as Americana, world music and barroom rock-and-roll. Their newest LP, Pictures in the Dark was released in March.

Ten Ton Chicken
“The Threat of Time”
From the album Blue Earth Moon
Yoronkels Records

Ten Ton Chicken was born in 1998, East Coast hippies gone west. Twenty-six years, seven albums and numerous live shows later, their style has evolved to embrace indie and Americana while never losing their funky jam-band vibe. Still blowing minds, they released Our Green World in ‘22 and Blue Earth Moon in ’24.

Gary Backstrom Band
“el aliento de la vida”

Gary Backstrom, the frontman and founder of jamband Jiggle The Handle, has toured the country many times, opening for The Allman Brothers, ‪Los Lobos, ‪Little Feat and more. His newly formed Gary Backstrom Band blends the soul of ‪Stevie Wonder with the fiery Latin rhythm and blazing guitar of ‪ Santana.

Stranger Company
“Mountain Park”
Shed Studios

Stranger Company is a funk-infused, rock-and-roll band out of Atlanta. Blending Allman Brothers-inspired jams with songwriting influenced by Glen Campbell, Jerry Garcia and Billy Strings, Stranger Company offers a taste of sonic exploration and unique innovation in both a live and studio setting.

Grom and the One Eyed Jacks
“Love Queen”

Grom and the One Eyed Jacks is a bluesy-rock band from Wilmington, N.C. Their raspy female vocals and powerful band brings a 1970s energy to their music. The band just released their first single, “Love Queen,” which shows off a fun, classic and raw sound.

Hunter Road

Hunter Road is a hard-rock/grunge-based band, shaped by the sounds of rock-and-roll’s past. Formed in White Plains, N.Y., they quickly made their way from the garage into the New York scene and beyond. Their new single “Daisy” is a roaring homage to 1950s rockabilly and is available for all to stream now!

Protohive“Blue Collar Conundrum”

Protohive is a stoner-rock four-piece from the River Valley and NW Arkansas areas. Protohive came together with the aim of writing and performing riff-centric, groove-laden jams, reminiscent of all the bluesy, sludgy, headbanging friendly music they grew up with and love.

Texas Street Revival
From the album Watusi

Texas Street Revival are a soulful Providence, R.I.-based, multi-genre outfit with a funk-roots groove.

“New Song”
From the album Galactagogues

From their roots as a family band, Galactagogues have refined their singular sound, sometimes called Funkafolkadelic. Grounded in songwriting, with lyrics and melodies both ancient and immediate, they take listeners on a full human journey—blending introspective poetry with irresistible grooves.

The Getaway
“He’s Got His Own”
Lone Pine Records

It’s unclear whether The Getaway is robbing a bank, or going on vacation, but sunglasses are involved either way. Their original music is somewhere beyond psychedelic funk-pop, or electro synthwave, digging a deep new groove for “Upper Mississippi Valley Rock and Roll.”

Cougar Beatrice
“Yours or Mine?”

Delivering thick instrumentation and raw tones, Cougar Beatrice is a rock band with roots in 2000s alt-rock, blues, pop and vintage rock. They are now based in Fairfax, Va., after having formed in Charlottesville in 2018. They were robbed of many of their instruments in NYC in the summer of 2023.


TapRoots is deep tracks with deep roots for the body, mind and soul! A complex mix of funk, soul, salsa, Afrobeat, reggae, Afro-Cuban jazz, rock, samba and folkloric rhythms, TapRoots brings the listener on a journey filled with a powerful unified statement of joy, community, social change and upliftment!

Space Freq
From the EP Sunday Driver

Space Freq brings cosmic jazz brewed with funkadelic rock and shredding solos with heavy groove from the depths of Appalachia, in Southern W.Va. Winners of Best Funk/Jazz/Blues Artist by Born & Bred Music Magazine. The EP Sunday Driver is out now, and the new album Frequencies of the Ether is coming soon in 2024.

Vibe & Direct

“Sunday Driver”



Through their eclectic medley of electronic and organic sounds and undeniable energy onstage, Vibe & Direct have embarked on a decade-long journey to deliver electrifying jams to the masses.

Rachael Sage

“The Place of Fun (reimagined)”

From the album Another Side

MPress Records

“The Place of Fun (reimagined)” is an acoustic, completely reimagined version of this fan-favorite from Rachael Sage’s album Another Side. Featuring percussion played by Austin-based Katie Marie (Sophie B. Hawkins). Recommended if you like Indigo Girls & Tracy Chapman.

Hollow Down


From the EP Don’t Jump

Owl Creek Tapes

Once described “as if Tom Waits took acid and played bluegrass with a punk band,” Hollow Down defies genre. Their new EP Don’t Jump spans classical, jazz and rock rhythms in some surprising ways. Based in Peoria, Ill., the band is praised for their high-energy live performances and unique style.

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