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The Lumineers
“Salt and the Sea”
From the album III
Dualtone Music Group

III is audacious—with every note, every syllable and every moment of silence in between having an emotional charge. Presented in three chapters, the album and accompanying short films tell the story of the fictitious Sparks family, and how addiction and trauma reverberates through three generations.

Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots
“Velvet Rope”

Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots, a five-piece moxy-rock band from Ithaca, N.Y., steered by magnetic songstress and force of nature Maddy Walsh, recently released their fourth album and have been actively touring on it, bringing to the stage their signature high-energy performances and incessant penchant for FUN.

The Ballroom Thieves
“Unlovely” ft. Darlingside
Nettwerk Music Group

The Ballroom Thieves will release their third album Unlovely on Feb. 14. With subject matters including female empowerment, love in a committed relationship and their fury about the state of American leadership, this album is the distillation of the band’s personal and political passions.

Moonshine Society
“Southern Road”
From the album Sweet Thing

Moonshine Society is the offspring of three Berklee alumni delivering a searing blend of blues, soul and roots-rock. Johnny Winter, Gov’t Mule, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Tower of Power, John Mayer and Ron Holloway count among the legends the band members have accompanied or opened for.

Kings and Associates
Big Wing Records

Australian neo-blues outfit Kings & Associates are wowing music lovers around the globe with their eclectic blend of blues, funk and rock. Their third album, Neighbour, produced by multi Grammy award winner Jim Scott, is due to release in early 2020 with American tour dates set throughout the year.

The Cuckoos
“Why Don’t U Ever Call Me Anymore”
From the album I Hate Love
Jiggy Jig Records

The bittersweet incandescent shimmer of The Cuckoos is deeply rooted in classic rock, dance-club funk and neo-psych art soul, earning the young Austin, Texas-based band a remarkable reputation in a few short years. The debut album, I Hate Love, is crackling with the electricity of the band coming into their own.

Stevie C. Bowen
“Bushwick Boogie”
From the EP Music From the Rooms of My Head

Stevie C. Bowen is a soulful slide player/guitarist, originally from Southeast Virginia, currently based out of Brooklyn, N.Y. Former lead guitarist for A Valley Son, his instrumental debut EP, Music From the Rooms of My Head, is an emotive journey through his mind and an aural journey through his inspirations.

Viva la Muerte
From the album All the Birds
Ex Umbra

Viva la Muerte is an eight-piece band from Greensboro, N.C. In 2019, VLM was voted “Best Original Band in the Triad” by the readers of YES! Weekly. Describing VLM’s first album, David Gans said, “Very nice variety of feels and flavors here. Hearkens back to the ‘60s in the best possible way.”

Jessica Rhaye
“Sun Will Shine for You”
From the album Song in Me

Jessica Rhaye is a Canadian singer-songwriter. “Sun Will Shine for You” can be found on her album Song in Me. Her latest release with The Ramshackle Parade, Just Like a Woman – Songs of Bob Dylan, is a folk-rock interpretation of Dylan’s works and has been getting rave reviews from critics and peers.

Honey Tap
“If It Ain’t Got Soul”
From the EP Honey Tap

Honey Tap is the sweet fruit of two musicians in love with dancey rhythms and soulful vocals. The founders insist on creative freedom—to fly from flower to flower, collecting the nectar and making music—cross pollinating genres to make ear candy.

Slow Train
“In Between”
From the album In Between

Hailing from upstate New York, Slow Train’s album In Between blends Americana, folk, roots, heartland and psychedelic-rock with powerful lyrics touching on love, loss, joy and wonder. The upbeat title track blends all four band members’ diverse influences. Keep on movin’ it’ll be alright!

Editor’s Pick: Cold War Kids
“Dirt in My Eyes”
From the album New Age Norms 1

Cold War Kids have fielded music’s seismic shifts while sticking to their own game plan. Over the course of a dozen releases—including seven studio albums, nonstop tours, the biggest festival stages, and massive radio and streaming successes—they are a major part of the modern music landscape.

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Shovelin Stone
“Change My Mind”
From the album Shovelin Stone

Having just released their first album recorded by Grammy-winning producer P.J. Olsson of the Alan Parsons Live Project, Shovelin Stone’s music is a blend of Americana and roots story-telling, with melodic pop-sensibility. Music fans can either dive deep into each story, sing along or dance to no end.

Iron Range
“The Fallout”
From the album Future Fortunes

Iron Range, is a rock-and-roll band hailing from Nashville. The group explores the sonic line between heartland rock and modern indie Americana. Expect jangly guitars, ‘80s-inspired analog synths, classic songwriting, and roto-toms from this five-piece rock outfit.

The Moon City Masters
From the EP The Adventures of The Moon City Masters

The planet of Moon City sent their best band to bring harmonious, soulful rock-and-roll to the people of Earth. The Moon City Masters play positive, feel-good rock music with catchy melodies, funky basslines and crunchy riffs. Their EP The Adventures Of The Moon City Masters is out now.

Jason Spirit
“Don’t You Want to Breathe”
Blue Aura Records

Jason combines passionate vocals, original songwriting and strong soulful influences into every song he creates. His goal as a professional performing artist is to bring his unique style of soul music to people everywhere.

“Sunday (Loving You)”
From the EP 3823

Oweda is a band out of Chattanooga, Tenn., with members representing many genres of rock-and-roll. This soulful mixture yields a sound steeped in southern blues, sustained by indie melodies, whilst echoing the honesty of folk.

Hall Williams Band
“Do You Ever Wonder”

Pronounced /hôl/ as in a corridor, a passage, a way ie. hallway. The Hall Williams Band is based in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metropolitan area.The music itself combines elements of roots, funk, rock, and jamgrass. This track features Jason Crosby on the violin and Mary Lankford on vocals. LOVE YOURSELF.

Tasty Vibrations
“The Funk”
From the EP Caveman

From the sun and sand of Pompano Beach, Fla., Tasty Vibrations is comprised of musicians from unique backgrounds combining their love of classic rock, soul, reggae, jam, R&B and hip- hop with a unique flavor. The band released the live EP Caveman in 2019 to great reception and will release their next single in 2020.

Any Gama
“Running Ahead”
From the EP The Bunker Session

Any Gama is a New York-based, internationally faced, multicultural jazz fusion and world music group. Founded in 2017, the band has already released two EPs with 13 music videos. If music is the international language, we make the world better by creating a global and all-inclusive conversation.

The Dead Pens
From the EP Unaddressed
Bob The Organism Records

Relix/ Top 30 for November 2019, eight weeks on the CDX-Americana Charts, three weeks on the College Radio Charts. Punker legend Ryan Abbott joins forces with rising star Danah Koch’s powerhouse vocals and cellist Sally McGee as this acoustic alternative trio, to produce a dark and surprising debut.

Caterina J

Caterina J is a singer-songwriter and actress from Chile based in New York since 2006. She started playing the piano when she was 7 years old and writing her songs at 12. “Reborn” is the first single off her new album coming in March after releasing I Confess, her debut autobiographical pop-rock album, in 2016.

The Catcalls
“I Get High”
From the EP The Catcalls

The Catcalls offer zero apologies for their riot grrrl blues-rock. Their single “I Get High” sounds like it’s straight out of a raucous juke joint, whereas their cover of Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam” amplifies what’s been lost over the last 50 years while feeling more relevant than ever.

Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume
“Lizzy Lizzy”

Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume are a six-piece rock band from Nashville. They remained busy in 2019 on the road, yet still managed to complete their debut album, The Golden Road. The first single off of that LP, “Lizzy Lizzy” is dropping January of 2020 followed by “You Are My World” in February 2020.

From the EP New Millenium

Based out of the Washington D.C. area, Radii draws from a diverse range of musical influences to create a unique flavor of funk-infused progressive rock. By blending captivating compositions with jam-inspired improvisation, they take the listener on an explorative sonic journey. Buckle up, it’s a New Millennium.