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Jerry Garcia


From the album Garcia (50th Anniversary)

Round Records

Garcia’s first solo album. Recorded almost entirely by Garcia with assistance from Bill Kreutzmann (drums) and Robert Hunter (lyrics). Six of the songs became regulars in the Grateful Dead repertoire.

Wreckless Strangers



Neanderthal Records

Wreckless Strangers is a collective of six seasoned Bay Area musicians known for their collaborative songwriting and high-energy live shows, performing an infectious blend of music they call California Americana Soul.

The Sublets

“The Fallout”


Jestertainment Records

The Sublets are the band to restore your faith in the power of pop-punk. Formed in 2018 by guitarist, songwriter and vocalist George Chase, the trio boasts a gritty alternative sound anchored in urgent, infectious melodies and the steady prowess of veterans Daniel Lee on bass and Stephen Nicholson on drums.

Chayla Hope

“Love in Lo-Fi”


Jestertainment Records

Chayla Hope is pop’s next great voice, honing her sophisticated approach to the sounds of the ‘80s and ‘90 while pressing vinyl at Gotta Groove Records and performing in drag at Bounce Nightclub. Her impressive range and infectious spirit also soundtrack the theme song for Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.

Blasting Rod

“The Elvis Posse”

From the album Of Wild Hazel

Low&Slow.Disk/ Glory or Death Records

Central Japan’s newest hitmakers! Fuzzy grooves and slippery psychedelia will take you on a vacation to fall out for a while. Summer’s comin’ in on a mirror moon-lit night. Roll with the wheel upon the car of Blasting Rod’s experimental rock roots with a hint of the mystic orient.

DC Wolves


From the album Predator


DC Wolves is an independent hard rock band from Hartford, Conn. Stemming from the mind of self-built songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Cahill, the band’s 2022 sophomore album, Predator, showcases DC Wolves’ expanding vocal profile, along with guitar-driven grooves and biting riffs.

Clare Maloney & The Great Adventure

“Dream Within a Dream”



Clare Maloney made up for lost time in the pandemic by writing 100 songs after a decade of writer’s block. From the collection comes this new single, where hints of her former life in opera and her tours with members of Jefferson Starship shine through in the sparkling vocal and psychedelic guitars.

All Night Boogie Band

“Kick You When You’re Down”

From the album Taste These Blues


All Night Boogie Band is a blues, soul and rock-and-roll-inspired band hailing from the Green Mountains of Burlington, Vt. Their ultimate goals are to instill powerful, raw emotions into today’s music, to progress the shape and sounds of American music and to make you want to shake your hips!


“House of Love”

From the EP House of Love


Auragami is a four-piece eclectic-rock jamband based in Greenville, S.C. They’ve surely made a name for themselves in the foothills of the Appalachians with their catchy melodies, tight arrangements, endless jams and smooth vocal harmonies! Their debut EP, House of Love was released in June of 2022!

The Desk Jockeys

“Billy’s Day”

From the album Mime Is Money


A funky, Southern rock-inspired jam band from Dallas, The Desk Jockeys are known for their high-energy live shows full of searing riffs, tight improvisations and captivating jams, and have taken the Texas live music scene by force since releasing their debut album Mime Is Money in September.


“Jolene’s Reply”



2022 Richmond Int. Film & Music Fest Critics Choice Winner wht.rbbt.obj (White Rabbit Object) is a femme fatale-fronted alt-rock outfit from Chicago. Their single, “Jolene’s Reply,” grabbed the attention of NPRs Sound Opinions saying, “This song swings like a wrecking ball.” Follow us down the rabbit hole.

The Jeebs

The Doors of Perception

From the EP The Jeebs


The Jeebs are an alternative and psychedelic rock band out of West Lafayette, Ind. Drawing from a vast range of influences, particularly the musicality of ‘70-‘80s progressive rock, The Jeebs are made up of frontman Zack Cooper (vocals), Danny Ainley (drums), Sean Gomez (bass) and Eric Johnson (guitar)

Peach Hat

“Cream Soda Spew”



Started in 2011 as the creative vehicle of Nathan Boston, Peach Hat hails from the west woods of Maine. Nate was soon joined by his brother A.J., and later friend Drew Harmon, and they combined their mutual love of British Invasion, ‘60s LA production and even country to create the vibrant and eclectic Peach Hat sound.

Sonicbids Winner: Azure Wolf

“Release Me”



Azure Wolf is a female-fronted indie-rock band from Winchester, Va. They draw influences from the ‘90s and have the best of pop and ethereal undertones that will leave your soul tingling.

Editor’s Pick: Caamp



Mom+Pop Music

Caamp’s new album Lavender Days is out June 24 on Mom+Pop Music.

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Whiskey Basterds

“Lay It All Down”



An earthly epilogue draws to a close; supreme, eternal consciousness awaits on the other side. Wrestling with the universe’s final summons, the soul strains in a cantata of regret, repentance, resignation and then delirious release into the what awaits.

The Ries Brothers

“Corner Store”



The Ries Brothers are a young rock/jam duo from Tampa, Fla., they’ve toured with Chicago, G Love & Special Sauce, Iration and more. Charlie (26) plays drums and keyboard bass simultaneously while singing lead, and Kevin (23) plays guitar, ukulele, bass, and melodica. Their first headline tour kicks off this summer.

JJ Slater

“Till the Sun Goes Down”



JJ Slater is a born-and-bred New Englander, with a song for every season. With a steady stream of psych-folk and roots jams since 2020, he is currently touring his dynamic tunes across the country, with new releases in the docket- including two new sets of songs written in the mountains of New Mexico.

New Potato Caboose

“It Ain’t a Thing”

From the album It Ain’t a Thing


New Potato Caboose brings all the jamband magic: Shimmering vocals, a killer guitar edge and double drum energy to their new album It Ain’t a Thing. The project was produced by John Alagia and recorded at Dave Matthews’ Haunted Hollow studio. Their signature sound makes you want to kick off your shoes and get loose with the Caboose, and this single is an excellent example as to why.

Already Late


From the album Little Kid Dreams


Already Late is a band shaped by a long list of genres and genders. On top of a variety of guitars, funky bass lines, drum beats as energized as a riot at a punk show and catchy hooks–in both English and Japanese, they have managed to find spots in their set for electronics, as well as some uke.

Jesse Marcus and the Swan Song

“Hot Tamale – The Conway Sound Sessions”

From the EP The Conway Sound Sessions


Denver-based band Jesse Marcus and the Swan Song deliver high-energy funk and fusion with a kick of pop. Their latest release was recorded live at Conway Sound in Wheat Ridge, Colo. and showcases their blend of soulful musicianship with ear-catching lyrics. Look out for their debut album in late 2022.





Berblan is a 16-year-old powerhouse from Dallas, who has played piano and violin since a very young age. Recently, she has been honing her singing voice and ukulele playing, with the goal to spread positivity and show people that anything can be accomplished with hard work.

Johnny & The Mongrels

“Love’s Got Something To Do With It”


Bent River Records

Johnny & The Mongrels is steeped in the bayous of Louisiana, infusing swampy and funky soul-drenched sounds. The band’s co-founders–frontman Johnny Ryan and bassist Jeff Bostic–are now stationed in Colorado and welcome a wide array of world-renown jammers to create a rollicking, uplifting vibe with sonically grooving sound.

87 Nights

“I Ain’t Your Man”



Making a name for themselves in the Southeast, 87 Nights bring a high level of energy to each and every one of their shows. With their raucous energy and gritty licks, you’ll be left with an impression that will make you want to come back for more.

Hum Ripple


From the EP 2020 3P


Hum Ripple is a band from Atlanta currently carving their name into stone. Their music carries on the traditions of the jam scene forefathers: experimental riffs and melody based songs that are easily stretched into improvisation. Hum Ripple brings the fun and the carefree vibe we all seek out when attending live shows.

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