Jann Klose

Joe Lopergalo on October 17, 2014

Shaped By Diversity

Born in Germany and raised in Kenya, South Africa and Cleveland, four-time Independent Music Award winner Jann Klose is a multi-faceted pop singersongwriter who channels his diverse cultural upbringing to help shape his music. “I think the fact that I grew up in all these different places has shaped not just my identity but my musical identity, too,” says Klose. The artist recorded and released Mosaic, his newest full-length, during an energetic period of change in his life, which is greatly reflected on the album. Producer David Bendeth helped lift the mood and pushed the ever-changing Klose in a more rock direction. “That was his energy and it worked really well with where I was at.” The upbeat departure from 2008’s Reverie finds Klose steadily growing nearer to the sounds of his influences. Drawing heavily from the likes of Jackson Browne, ELO and The Beatles, Klose is crafting creative pop hits that have already found their way into TV and movie soundtracks and Off-Broadway musicals. “It’s been very easy to be open-minded with styles if something interests me,” he says. “I like all kinds of music of different styles; for better or worse, it shapes how I write and instrumentalize.”

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