Watch: Dave Matthews Gets Slapped

Rob Slater on December 16, 2014

Dave Matthews must be a fan of How I Met Your Mother, because here he is involved in a pretty intense slap fight with Rockbridge guitar team member Brian Calhoun. When Matthews and Calhoun aren’t in the guitar room jamming, they’re beating the living hell out of each other. There are no rules in this slap fight. It’s every man for himself.

While most of these slaps look fake, the last one definitely looks unintentionally real, as Matthews gets the snot smacked out of him, causing him to drop what I imagine is pretty expensive wine. Additional cameos in the video include DMB head of security Daryl Pearsall, who doesn’t even see the slap coming.

Watch the full slap-a-thon below.

And presented in GIF form….

Slap montage!