Watch Paul Simon Perform “Kodachrome” and More with Chris Thile on ‘Live From Here’

November 25, 2019
Watch Paul Simon Perform “Kodachrome” and More with Chris Thile on ‘Live From Here’

After rescheduling his performance due to illness, Paul Simon made an appearance on Chris Thile’s Live From Here radio program on Nov. 23, performing four songs with the house band, including his hit “Kodachrome.”

“I count myself exceedingly lucky to have been able to work with our next guest quite a bit, to the point where I forget to be awestruck and instead remember how much I love playing extraordinary music with an extraordinary musician,” Thile said to the crowd around the show’s 60-minute mark, before welcoming Simon.

After a quick embrace with Thile onstage, Simon cracked a joke, noting how he got a partial standing ovation. “Thank you, thank you. I noticed not all of you stood. I don’t care, I’m not into ego or anything,” before gesturing to a random audience member, “but you in particular…”

Thile then backed Simon on “Questions for the Angels,” off Simon’s 2011 LP So Beautiful or So What. The opening lyrics, “A pilgrim on a pilgrimage/ Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge,” nodded to both the impending Thanksgiving holiday as well as the show’s locale in New York City’s Town Hall.

Afterwards, Simon offered the live debut of There Goes Rhymin’ Simon cut “St. Judy’s Comet,” noting how it was written for his son Harper.

Later, Simon took the stage again, to perform “American Tune” and a closing version of “Kodachrome.”

Watch the full show below (with Simon’s first appearance taking place around the 60-minute mark, and his second appearance taking place at the top of the second hour):