The Relix Channel Debuts Concert Streaming Service with As The Crow Flies Tour Opener

April 16, 2018

Relix has debuted a new streaming platform, giving music fans exclusive access to the debut performance of Chris Robinson’s As The Crow Flies.

On April 17, The Relix Channel will stream As The Crow Flies’ tour opener live from The Capitol Theatre at 9:15 p.m. ET. The Tuesday night show will be the Black Crowes offshoot’s first show ever, featuring Robinson, southern rocker Marcus King on electric guitar as well as former Black Crowes members Andy Hess on bass, Audley Freed on guitar and Adam MacDougall on keys. The lineup will be rounded out by Chris Robinson Brotherhood drummer Tony Leone. 

“Spring will be sprung and the songs will be sung. This crow will fly high with old friends and new. Bring on, bring on! I can’t wait to hit the stage with some rock ‘n’ roll for the ages,” Robinson stated in January 2018, when the band first formed. 

Robinson is also fresh off the release of Barefoot in the Head, Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s sixth studio album. “Barefoot in the Head is representative of this freedom we have to be creative,” Robinson told Relix. “Ultimately, as musicians, that’s what we’ve craved our whole careers, our whole lives. Maybe we all can’t drop out and move to a commune in Oregon, but we can do it in our music.”

For more information about The Relix Channel, and its upcoming stream of As The Crow Flies click here.