‘The Relix Audio Hour’ Episode Five: Mickey Hart & George Porter Jr.

October 9, 2018
‘The Relix Audio Hour’ Episode Five: Mickey Hart & George Porter Jr.


In the newest episode of our podcast The Relix Audio Hour, producer and host Jesse Lauter moderates a conversation between Grateful Dead drummer and world music aficionado Mickey Hart and bassist George Porter Jr., founding member of New Orleans funk godfathers The Meters.

The two musicians delve deep into the relationship between bassist and drummer to form the rhythm section and foundation of a band, along a discussion on the different approaches taken by their respective legendary bands over the past 50 years, what sorts of music influenced them early on in their careers, and what it was like when they finally joined forces. The conversation took place backstage at this year’s LOCKN’ Festival, just before members of Dead & Company—including Hart—joined Porter Jr. and Foundation of Funk on stage for a few tunes.

This episode of the podcast also includes a coda with keyboardist Robert Walter, who takes us through the space and sci-fi influences on his new album with his band 20th Congress, Spacesuit.

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