Song Premiere: BeesWax “Back to Class” feat. Moon Hooch

April 28, 2021
Song Premiere: BeesWax “Back to Class” feat. Moon Hooch

Photo by Alexis Canary

BeesWax is the brainchild of Lotus’ Jesse Miller and future funk duo Wax Future.

Today, the band is debuting “Back to Class” a groovy cut from their forthcoming sophomore output Royal Jelly, out May 14.

Explains Miller, “‘Back to Class’ is an instrumental funk jam built around a drum break we recorded on an old tape machine to capture a vintage tone. It starts with classic funk instrumentation – bass, guitar, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, congas – but expands into dance territory when a TB-303 synth enters with a taste of acid house. I think the track puts the unique BeesWax sound on display – balancing the old and the new and finding the places on each side that can get the dance floor bouncing. Guests Mike Wilbur and Wenzel McGowen of Moon Hooch played saxophones. Chris Aschman played trumpet.”

Listen to “Back to Class” and check out the band’s album trailer for Royal Jelly below: