Multiple Fatalities Confirmed at Manchester Arena After Reported Explosions; Suspected Suicide Bombing

May 22, 2017

UPDATE (10:21 AM ET): 22 people have been confirmed dead, with 59 more injured. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the bombing,

UPDATE (8:05 PM ET): NBC News is reporting that UK authorities are investigating incident as a possible suicide bombing.

Police are responding to a reported explosion at the Manchester Arena that has claimed the lives of “a number” of people with others injured, according to police. MSNBC reports that over 20 are confirmed dead thus far. 

The arena was hosting an Ariana Grande concert tonight and video from inside the arena made it to social media depicting the panic inside after reported explosions. Variety also has photos from outside that show paramedics tending to multiple people that appear to be injured as well as an account from someone attending the concert. 

22-year-old Majid Khan told The Independent that they were exiting the venue “when around 10:40-10:45 PM-ish, a huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena.” She continued, “It was one bang and essentially everyone from the other side of the arena where the bang was heard from suddenly came running towards us they were trying to exit.” 

This is a developing story.