Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke Announce New Album ‘Noon’, Share Singles

August 18, 2020
Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke Announce New Album ‘Noon’, Share Singles

After teasing a collaboration with a video yesterday, bassist Mike Gordon and guitarist Leo Kottke have announced a new album together, titled Noon. The new record is set to be released on Aug. 28. In addition to the record announcement, the duo shared two songs from the record: “Ants” and “I Am Random.”

Kottke and Gordon discussed the new record and their collaboration with American Songwriter. In the piece, Gordon and Kottke revealed that Phish drummer Jon Fishman played on a number of songs for the record. “Kottke is also longtime friends with Fishman and pushed for his inclusion,” read the piece. “Leo was really intrigued to get us together,” Gordon told American Songwriter. “We have 2,000 concerts, etc., of telepathy. Fish is really a unique drummer. He has all these grooves that he’s working on constantly, that have all these patterns from all these different genres. I just said, ‘We want you to do your thing.’”

Kottke took the opportunity to elaborate on his and Gordon’s collaborative relationship. “Mike likes to write a lot of stuff and then throw out the shit that doesn’t hold up the next day,” Kottke told AS. “He works that way. I can’t do that. I’m always just farting around and eventually stumbling over something. It rings your bell, you play it into the ground and that will make something else happen. We’re an odd couple. ‘Cause he’s a Pachinko machine and I’m paint drying. And it seems to meet somewhere in the middle.”

This marks the duo’s first collaboration since 2005’s Sixty Six Steps, and it is also Kottke’s first studio album of any kind since then.

To pre-order Noon, click here. Listen to “Ants” and “I Am Random” below.

Noon Tracklist:
Flat Top
Eight Miles High
I Am Random
Noon To Noon
From The Cradle To The Grave
How Many People Are You
Alphabet St.
The Only One