Members of Moonalice Celebrate 365 Consecutive Streams with Full Band Performance

March 16, 2021
Members of Moonalice Celebrate 365 Consecutive Streams with Full Band Performance

Members of Moonalice and Doobie Decibel System have performed livestreams for the past 365 consecutive days. Some combination of Roger McNamee, Jason Crosby, Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz, Barry Sless, John Molo, Pete Sears, Lester Chambers, Dylan Chambers, Erika Tietjen, Rachel Tietjen and Chloe Tietjen have performed a livestreamed show every day since March 16, 2020. Now, they are celebrating the milestone with Full Moonalice performances.

It all began when Crosby moved in with McNamee. “Jason (Crosby) and Lebo came over the afternoon before quarantine started and we did a stream on Facebook Live,” McNamee told Relix. “After the set we got the word that quarantine in California would be a lockdown, with no ability for groups to get together… We had the option of doing our own thing in the living room. Lebo went home, but Jason moved in. That is how it started, with the original Doobie Decibel System duo.”

The streams began on Facebook Live, but eventually moved over to and The musicians even developed a chat function on the sites in order to allow fans to interact.

““It is amazing how many people watch these streams. A handful have seen every show, a few hundred die hards are there most days, and thousands catch a show or two a week,” McNamee said. “Before we dropped Facebook Live, we would generally range between 10,000 and 15,000 viewers a day across, FB,,, Twitter, and YouTube.  We thank everyone who watched for making the Shelter in Place tour work. The fans threw us a lifeline at an essential time.”

The musicians shows no sign of slowing down. ““We do not know how long we will keep doing this. There is talk of touring again, perhaps this summer,” McNamee said.

To tune into the streams and watch archived editions, click here.