Lureto and SUSTO to Reunite for SUSTO Es Muerto on the Isle of Palms

May 31, 2022
Lureto and SUSTO to Reunite for SUSTO Es Muerto on the Isle of Palms

Today, it was announced that Lureto and SUSTO will perform iconic tracks from the Grateful Dead’s songbook at The Windjammer on the Front Beach of the Isle of Palms, S.C., on July 29. Their performance–billed as SUSTO Es Muerto and presented by Relix–will be put on in celebration of an album release by Lureto.

Both groups are from Charleston, S.C. and have deep roots in the vast work of the Grateful Dead. After they came together for the first-ever SUSTO Es Muerto ft. Lureto show at the Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion at SXSW, the two groups felt they had to bring the shared magic back to their home turf.

“The Grateful Dead’s catalog forms a significant chunk of the new great American songbook. We all have a deep respect for this music, and look forward to bringing these two Charleston bands together to celebrate it,” said Lureto’s Wallace Mullinax.

His bandmate Ross Bogan added, “I’ve been a Susto fan for a long time and it’s really cool to hear Justin’s voice on these iconic tunes, and this is just DNA music to Wallace. We’ve been having some fun with the arrangements too. t’s a great band covering the best music.”

SUSTO’s Justin Osborne shared their sentiment, saying, “It’s been a blast collaborating with our friends in Lureto for Susto es Muerto. We had such a great time putting this special set together for SXSW, and it feels fitting to bring the fun back home to Charleston!”

Tickets for the event are on sale now. Find tickets to the second-ever performance of SUSTO Es Muerto here.