Listen Now: Eric Clapton Releases New Single and Official Music Video for “Pompous Fool”

July 29, 2022
Listen Now: Eric Clapton Releases New Single and Official Music Video for “Pompous Fool”

Photo Credit: Bill Kelly

Eric Clapton has shared a new single entitled “Pompous Fool” from Bushbranch/ Surfdog Records. The tune carries Clapton’s iconic guitar licks partnered with Sonny Emory’s backbeat and an immaculate bassline produced by Nathan East. Additionally, the track features Paul Carrack on Hammond organ, Walt Richmond on piano and backup vocals by Sharon White. 

“Pompous Fool” was written by Clapton with assistance from Robin Monotti. Additionally, the single was produced by Clapton and his longtime producing partner, Simon Climie. The single is now available to stream on various platforms, and the official music video has been re-shared via the musician’s official YouTube channel following the inaugural July 7 release. 

Clapton’s single features a cheerful beat paired with cautious lyrics: “In life you know/ May I say to you/ Be careful who you follow/ There may be no more tomorrow/ If you follow the pompous fool.” The music video for “Pompous Fool” was unveiled on the same date as Boris Johnson’s resignation, drawing speculation as to a connection between the timing of Clapton’s release and the former Prime Minister’s decision to step down from his position of power in the U.K. 

In a press release that announced the new single, Clapton’s public relations team also shared information about the cover art, which features imagery from Martin Sharp’s 1967 designed tarot card set. Sharp was instrumental in generating the cover art for Cream’s studio album Disraeli Gears; he also co-wrote the tune “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” which appeared on the British rock band’s second studio album. 

Download and stream “Pompous Fool” here

Watch the official music video below.

Official art by Martin Sharp