Governors Ball Schedules 2021 Dates

January 13, 2021
Governors Ball Schedules 2021 Dates

Governors Ball is looking into 2021 with cautious optimism, scheduling its 2021 edition for Sept. 24-26, as opposed to its usual June dates.

“We’ve decided to move the 2021 show to a time of year that is both more realistic and safer for all,” reads a statement from organizers. “And while there are still question marks and unknowns in the World, rest assured that we are working closely with City and State authorities to ensure that the next Gov Ball will be a safe and amazing experience. We’ll be back to our regular June dates starting in 2022.”

As some may recall, the New York City festival hit a string of bad luck in the last few years.

In addition to its June 2020 edition being outright canceled due to COVID-19, the festival landed in hot water in 2019 when a highly anticipated headlining performance by The Strokes was rained out and thousands of ticketholders were left to their own devices to seek shelter, eventually leading to fan-instigated destruction on-site.

The festival’s founders shared a statement the following day, saying, “While we are happy that no injuries were reported during the evacuation, we aren’t going to sugar coat things here. When you are evacuating tens of thousands of people from any site, it is a challenging endeavor. We simply had no choice given the data we received about the approaching severe weather. Your safety is always our number one priority, and yesterday we did everything in our power to give you the most amount of music and Gov Ball as possible.”

In November 2019, the event also announced a new age policy for 2020, in an attempt to reel in the number of teenage attendees, a problem many fans complained about in a 2019 Reddit AMA.

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