Goose Celebrate Solar Eclipse with ‘Moon Cabin’ Run-Through at The Capitol Theatre

April 9, 2024
Goose Celebrate Solar Eclipse with ‘Moon Cabin’ Run-Through at The Capitol Theatre

Photo Credit: Dino Perrucci

Last night, April 8, Goose returned to Port Chester, N.Y.’s The Capitol Theatre for its second headline show of 2024. This show also arrived as night two in the band’s second annual spring residency at the esteemed venue, which will run through April 10 and go down in history as the first shows to host the band’s new lineup, featuring drummer Cotter Ellis in the seat formerly held by Ben Atkind. In alignment with the rare total solar eclipse, the band presented a performance in tribute to the cosmos, highlighted by a run through 2016’s Moon Cabin in its entirety. 

Goose kicked off its show with the fan-favorite “Dr. Darkness,” introducing the tongue-in-cheek theming of the set with a track that alludes to the passage of day into night. Once the brooding, slowly-swinging saunter of this first entry reduced to a simmer, the band introduced an open and airy chord that ascended to “Turned Clouds,” complete with its traditional hard-funking second-act jam. Once the band moved on to the progressive “Into the Myst,” it became clear that the group would continue through the entirety of its 2016 debut album, introducing the first-ever staging of transitional entries like the album’s three instrumental interludes. “Into the Myst” got the whole crowd into the spirit with one of the most elaborate jams of the evening, bringing the sold-out theatre to its feat as the band locked into a cosmic groove.

The band’s improvisatory take on the tried-and-true track was left unfinished as it segued into the dear, enduring standout “Arcadia,” which enabled all five members of the band to flex their jam chops over the rubbery funk backbeat. Following a high-flying “Lead The Way,” the band departed from the stage for a brief intermission, returning shortly after with the second-ever staging on “Interlude I.” This rarity saw a total transition into “Indian River,” setting a tone of more ambitious and untethered jams in the second frame, which reached new heights with a tight and captivating “Rosewood Heart.” This energy culminated in the riotous, freely-associative prog-funk of “Jive Lee,” which closed the set on a rapturous high note. After the lights had fallen, the band returned to the stage for an encore with 2022’s “Hot Tea.”

Goose will return to The Capitol Theatre tonight for the penultimate show in its residency; for more information, visit Read more on Sunday’s series opener here.

Read on for Monday night’s complete setlist.

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The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, N.Y.

Set I: Dr. Darkness > Turned Clouds, Into The Myst* > Arcadia, Lead the Way
Set 2: Interlude I → Indian River, Interlude II → Jive I, Rosewood Heart, Interlude III → Jive II+ > Jive Lee
Encore: Hot Tea

* Unfinished.
+ This show featured a full performance of Moon Cabin.