Foo Fighters Name Josh Freese as New Drummer

May 22, 2023
Foo Fighters Name Josh Freese as New Drummer

Yesterday, in an exciting announcement, Foo Fighters unveiled their new drummer for their upcoming 2023 tour. Following the unfortunate passing of Taylor Hawkins in March 2022, the band has chosen Josh Freese to fill the vacant seat behind the drum kit.

Not including Dave Grohl, Freese is the third drummer to join Foo Fighters, following Hawkins and William Goldsmith, who performed on the band’s 1997 album, The Colour and Shape.

The band revealed their choice during a lively livestream on from their own Studio 606 in Los Angeles. In the video, notable percussionists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe, and Danny Carey from Tool made appearances–with Smith just popping in to say his car was blocked in, Lee dropping off some takeout and Carey just letting Grohl know his dogs were groomed–before it was revealed that Freese had been quietly sitting off-camera the entire time before saying, “Excuse me, guys—could we just, like, I dunno, play a song or two … something?” The band then launched into an energetic performance of the classic rock anthem “All My Life.”

At 50 years old, Freese is widely respected as a session drummer in the rock scene and has long been a friend of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. He previously joined the band on drums during Hawkins’ tribute concerts held at London’s Wembley Stadium and Los Angeles’ Kia Forum last year. Notably, for those shows, Freese specifically requested to play Hawkins’ kit. In a social media post, he wrote, “Without hesitation I said ‘Taylor’s drums need to be up there and I want to play on his exact set up. I want THAT energy to be up on THAT stage. I want to sweat all over the same drums he was sweating all over every night…don’t change a thing.”

With a remarkable career, Freese has contributed his drumming talents to various bands and artists since 1989. From the Vandals to Devo, Guns N’ Roses to Nine Inch Nails, and Sting to Paramore, his diverse collaborations showcase his versatility and skill. He has also toured with the likes of Danny Elfman and has been a member of Nine Inch Nails, the Vandals, Weezer, Guns N’ Roses, and Sublime With Rome.

The livestream, titled Preparing Music for Concerts, was released three days ahead of the Foo Fighters’ highly anticipated return to touring since Hawkins’ untimely passing. In addition to performing beloved hits like “Monkey Wrench,” “Aurora,” “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” “No Son of Mine,” and even a brief jam on Huey Lewis’ “Workin’ for a Living,” the event treated fans to the debut of several new tracks. Songs such as “Rescued,” “Under You,” and “Nothing at All” from the band’s upcoming album, But Here We Are, which is set to release on June 2.

During a conversation between songs, another revelation emerged when Freese asked Grohl about a specific drum part in “Nothing at All,” confirming that Grohl himself handled the drumming duties on the recording of, But Here We Are – marking Grohl’s first official drumming credit on a Foo Fighters album since their 2005 release, In Your Honor.

Foo Fighters will head to the stage on May 24 at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, N.H., about 100 miles north of Boston. Learn more about their upcoming performances here