Eggy Embrace Decade Wear During Thematic Second Set at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl with Special Guests (A Gallery + Recap)

March 25, 2024
Eggy Embrace Decade Wear During Thematic Second Set at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl with Special Guests (A Gallery + Recap)

Photo Credit: Ken Spielman

On March 23, New York’s Brooklyn Bowl hosted an evening billed as Eggy Presents Purim: Reelin’ in the Years, featuring The Funky Dawgz horns. Following up on the band’s special guest sit-in the night prior in Ardmore, Pa., featuring The Disco Biscuits’ Marc Brownstein, the group was quick to turn around and welcome another addition during the Saturday night stand, Cool Cool Cool’s Sammi Garett. Also, during the second set, the band embraced decade wear and mimicked their stylistic choices with first-time covers, which made up the most of the night’s second half.

To start their Brooklyn Bowl stand, Eggy delivered a standard first set, which began with “Shadow” and a pairing of “Apology” into “Zugzwang.” The Connecticut band dipped into their newer tune, “Atomic Rage,” before positioning themselves for the onslaught of “Rosetta Stone” and “What I Know,” ultimately sending into the set break after “You.” With originals dotting the setlist, the band stirred things up for their return, with each member changing outfits and channeling the vintage spirit of the songs to come.

In doing so, Mike Goodman represented the 1950s, Dani Battat donned ‘70s gear, Alex Bailey served as a flash toward the ‘90s while Jake Brownstein filled the 1980s gap with appropriate dress. As mentioned, their clothing choices served as touchstones for song, which bubbled up as first-time plays from the classic rock canon, beginning with Rolling Stone’s “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

The motif continued with more first-time covers, including an ensuing take on The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” merged with Electric Light Orchestra’s 1977-released “Mr Blue Sky.” Next, The Funky Dawgz horns arrived, adding layers to the Eggy original, “Sweaters for Strawmen.” Ultimately, they returned to their prior trajectory, tacking on more debuts, including Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out,” with added help from the horns and Garrett, who used her vocals to propel the legacy cover. 

Eggy tacked on another self-written number, “Laurel,” sans Garrett but featuring the horns before a first-time take on Radiohead’s “Subterranean Homesick Alien,” which doubled as the group’s 1990s selection and was flanked by another original, “Golden Gate Dancer.” In staying true to the theme, the band hit on the title of the show’s theme with a first-time cover, Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years,” and closed the night with the figurative pick “Smile.”

On location were photographers Jamie Huenefeld and Ken Spielman, who shared choice shots from the concert. View below.


Brooklyn Bowl – New York 

March 23, 2024 

Set I: Shadow, Apology > Zugzwang, Atomic Age, Rosetta Stone, What I Know, You

Set II: Jumpin’ Jack Flash[1], Tomorrow Never Knows[2] > Mr. Blue Sky[3], Sweaters for Strawmen[4], I’m Coming Out[5], Laurel[4], Subterranean Homesick Alien[6], Golden Gate Dancer[4]

Enc.: Reelin’ In The Years[7], Smile[4]

    [1] FTP, The Rolling Stones
    [2] FTP, The Beatles
    [3] FTP, Electric Light Orchestra
    [4] With The Funky Dawgz Horns
    [5] FTP, Diana Ross, with Sammi Garett on vocals and The Funky Dawgz Horns
    [6] FTP, Radiohead, with The Funky Dawgz Horns
    [7] FTP, Steely Dan, with Sammi Garrett on vocals

Show Notes: Eggy came out for the second set dressed in decade-wear: Mike (50s), Alex (90s), Jake (80s) and Dani (70s).