Dr. Dog’s Scott McMicken Announces New Band Scott McMicken and THE EVER – EXPANDING

November 15, 2022
Dr. Dog’s Scott McMicken Announces New Band Scott McMicken and THE EVER – EXPANDING

Photo by Wyndham Garnett

Today, Scott McMicken, a founding member of Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog, shared he’s been signed to ANTI- and has started a new band called Scott McMicken and THE EVER – EXPANDING. In celebration of the new musical chapter, McMicken released the first taste from his new band titled “Another One.”

“Other One” was written during his time with Dr. Dog and is about escaping the clutches of writers block, however with his new band, the song takes deeper meaning as McMicken sings “Once the morning powers wake up / And the hours flower on / A moment’s all we are to take up / And here comes another one.” The joyous accompanying video for the song was filmed during a performance at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, N.Y. 

In contrast to Dr. Dog’s composition of lifelong friends with an enduring musical bond McMicken decided to collaborate with complete strangers with THE EVER – EXPANDING. To start the process, McMicken reached out to Nick Kinsey, a producer, engineer and friend to assemble the group. He returned with Kinsey, Elizabeth Pupo-Walker, Neil Ochoa, Jared Samuel, Zach Tenorio, and Paul Castelluzzo. To round out the group, McMicken asked only one long-time friend to join the band: Michael Nau.

“I needed to go into it with as little control as possible,” said McMicken in a press release. “I just want to be in a room with wonderful people and encourage them to be themselves and be present to create nice musical moments.

Listen to Scott McMicken and THE EVER – EXPANDING’s new song “Another One” below.