Derek Trucks on a Potential Dickey Betts Reunion with the Allman Brothers

January 9, 2014

Photo by Dino Perrucci

Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi appear on the current cover of Relix. The accompanying story written by editor Dean Budnick focuses on the development of the Tedeschi Trucks Band. In the piece Trucks also discusses the Tedeschi Trucks Band show from this past September 21 in which founding Allman Brothers Band member Dickey Betts, who left the ABB in 2000, returned to the stage at the Beacon Theatre with the TTB. “I’ve seen a lot of moments at the Beacon,” Trucks reflects. “I think I’ve been there for 170 shows and that one had a unique feel because it was pretty unexpected. When Clapton played with the Allman Brothers, everyone already knew—the word had gotten out. It was still an amazing moment when he stepped out onstage, however, it wasn’t a shock. But when Dickey came out, you could tell it meant something. The thing I enjoyed about it is that it wasn’t lost on anybody. It was some sort of bridge, some kind of minor healing to the whole saga. That, to me, was the point of it.”

Trucks is certainly warm to the idea of Betts returning to the stage with the Allman Brothers at some point during the 45th anniversary shows, after which he and Warren Haynes will depart the group. Derek offers, “I think not only for the band and the legacy but for the audience too it would be something nice to tie it up. The whole story of the band is this dysfunctional crazy family and it has been from the beginning. I think that’s one of things that draws people to that music, there’s a humanity about it and I think for it not to go out right would be a shame especially when it’s still tangible. I just think it’s the right sentiment but we’ll see…”