Dave Matthews Band Play Night One at Alpine Valley, Reschedule Night Two

June 24, 2024
Dave Matthews Band Play Night One at Alpine Valley, Reschedule Night Two

Photo Credit: Bill Kelly

On Friday, June 21, Dave Matthews Band touched down in East Troy, Wis. for its annual return to the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, a close favorite for the band and the fans alike. After 36 appearances–which make Matthews the frontrunner for most shows at the venue–the artist’s returns have become cause for a stir, and this year’s celebration honored the tradition with a slew of tour debuts. Fans were left riled up for no return on Saturday, however, when the band rescheduled its follow-up due to an extreme weather event.

For the series kick-off, Matthews and his band followed a set from opener Katie Pruitt with an explosive intro of the 1998 canonized classic “Pantala Naga Pampa.” The artist then raced through a 17-track set and two-song outro, highlighted by five tour debuts to set apart the renowned stage. These entries included “The Best of What’s Around,” “Squirm,” “Corn Bread,” and the set-closer “Louisiana Bayou,” which was the least recently performed song in the show, last staged on November 10 of 2023. After the main portion, the band shut down its show with an encore of the freshly tour debuted “Sister” and “The Last Stop.”

Fans who arrived for Saturday’s show were greeted by an unfortunate surprise when severe weather forced a last-minute postponement. After a forced evacuation and then sheltering in place for over an hour, fans were notified that the National Weather Service’s forecasted Tornados had forced the venue to reschedule Matthews’ show for safety’s sake. The band will return to the venue alongside Michael Marcagi on next Sunday, June 30. Previously purchased tickets for Saturday’s show will be honored for the new date, and refunds are available for those fans unable to make the show.

For tickets and more information on Dave Matthews Band’s summer tour schedule, visit davematthewsband.com/tour. Read on for the complete setlist from Friday.

Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre – East Troy, Wis.

Set: Pantala Naga Pampa > The Best Of What’s Around, Granny, Squirm, Walk Around The Moon, Recently, Rapunzel, Don’t Drink The Water, Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd, Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin), Lie In Our Graves, Looking For A Vein, Minarets*, So Much To Say > Anyone Seen The Bridge > Too Much, Spaceman, Cornbread, Louisiana Bayou
Encore: Sister, The Last Stop

* “Madman’s Eyes” fake intro
Setlist via dmbalmanac.com