Charlie Parr Announces New Album _Dog_, Shares Title Track

June 30, 2017

Minnesota-based Guitarist and songwriter Charlie Parr has announced he will release his new album, Dog, on September 8 via Red House Records, along with sharing the title track off the record.

“I have a dog, her name is Ruby but I call her Ruben, and we go for these long, crazy, chaotic walks,” Parr says of the inspiration for the song. “I decided a long time ago that I get along really well with this dog, and I was taking her for walks, and she wanted to go this way, and I wanted to go that way. And then I thought, why are we going to go this way and not that way? Maybe I should be the one getting walked. Maybe I’ll learn something. So I follow the dog.”

Dog also features a band including Jeff Mitchell, percussionist Mikkel Beckman, harmonica player Dave Hundreiser and bassist Liz Draper. Listen to the bouncy and pastoral “Dog” below.