Boyd Tinsley Reveals He Underwent Surgery for Carpal Tunnel

Rob Slater on May 12, 2014

Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley revealed via Twitter that he recently underwent surger for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The violinist said that he was diagnosed about a week ago, had the surgery three days ago and that his hand is “already back to normal.” On tour, Tinsley, 49, says he will wear a splint or ace bandage while his incision heals. The violinist has confirmed to Relix that he will indeed perform at all shows on the band’s upcoming tour.

Carpal Tunnel is a condition in which there is excessive pressure on the median nerve–the nerve in the wrist that allows feeling and movement in parts of the hand. Carpal Tunnel is common amongst veteran musicians. Tinsley previously mentioned he had arthritis after questions arose about his performance during a recent Phil & Friends run (and DMB’s South Africa/South American tour) where he dropped his bow several times.

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Dave Matthews Band is slated to begin their tour on May 16 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, TX. The band will unveil their new two-set format which features acoustic and electric material. Boyd sat down with recently to talk about all things DMB including their upcoming tour.