B.B. King Hospitalized, Paramedics Say He May Have Had Minor Heart Attack

May 1, 2015

Legendary blues guitarist B.B. King was admitted back into the hospital yesterday, according to a local Las Vegas report. King’s daughter, Patty, said her father wasn’t eating and was dehydrated, so she took him to the hospital for observation.

Paramedics ran tests and determined that King might have suffered a minor heart attack. The 89-year-old was released and returned home later in the evening.

A separate report by TMZ suggests that King’s daughter was forced to call the police yesterday over a dispute with King’s longtime manager Laverne Toney, who refused to let King take her father to the hospital. Responding officers called in paramedics, who agreed the musician needed to be checked out by doctors.

Patty and her husband also filed a police report last November claiming elder abuse and burglary, accusing Toney and her assistant of stealing $20-30 million from B.B., withholding medication and more.